Brunch @ Punchbowl Canteen @ Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday 5th August
Charlie & Co. dined as guests.

Punchbowl Canteen resides in a business park area opposite Toyota, just off the West Gate making parking an ease. An unexpected location, Melbourne may love its laneways but brunch loves popping up in unconventional places! 

Far from the main roads it's lovely outside when the weather's warmer.

Look at all that parking! You won't find that in the city or brunch spots in residential areas.

A converted warehouse it's bright and airy with a beautiful 10 foot pastel/kikki/k esque mural. With a row of grid like windows the space is wonderfully lit with natural lighting, on the south side where the lighting is never too harsh.

If coffee's not you thing there's juices, smoothies and a thickshake that changes weekly.

That beautiful 10 foot pastel/kikki/k esque mural.

Xocoltl Hot Chocolate

Andy had the Xocoltl hot chocolate, a dark hot chocolate served in a quirky cup with marshmallows. Wasn't as sweet as he expected being dark.

Matcha Maiden Latte 

I ordered a matcha latte to start, it was bitter and a bit powdery though after a thorough stir it was fine. After 3 heaped spoons of sugar it was perfect. *sugar addict* Not too strong or weak, but just right.

Korean Fried Chicken Burger  - kim chi slaw, sweet chilli jam

Andy had the KFC burger served on a soft buttery bun. The fried chicken was delicious; the crumb was very crispy, a great contrast in texture with the slaw and tender chicken. The sauce was perfect using hoi sin sauce as a base, elevating the dish as a whole. The coleslaw provided freshness to the burger. Tasty and filling, he loved it and highly recommends it.

While I only had a bite this is the best KFC burger I've ever had! And a huge contrast in flavour to my healthier choice, so if you're going to have a bite of his burger do it afterwards and not in the middle :P

Winter Mushsrooms - rosemary soft polenta, lemon butter, hazelnuts + poached egg

It was the lemon butter that added that special something to the otherwise plain polenta, though it had a touch of rosemary but not enough. A textural delight with the soft earthy mushrooms and crunch of the hazelnuts atop a bed of polenta with lemon butter underneath.

Full of natural goodness, and a very filling dish.

Brunching at 2pm

Jam Doughnut Hotcake  - Cinnamon Ice Cream
A jam donut and pancake got together, and this is what was created!

A thick fluffy hotcake rolled in cinnamon, injected with strawberry jam surrounded by freeze dried berry dust adding a sourness to the otherwise sweet and wonderful cinnamony cake. Could have used more jam for the size but otherwise the perfect winter's day dessert! The house-made ice cream reminded me of fathers office, it was creamy though the texture was a bit different from the usual...

Perfect for sharing between 2-3 after lunch. This is the dish to order!!

Service was very friendly. On a Saturday 1,30pm lunch it was relatively quiet with hip hop in the background, the type that plays in young modern shops at the mall.

Punchbowl sure packs a punch! We'll be back for that burger and hotcake!

Note - The location is not very close to the trams (but there's always uber)!

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