Local Eats - Lunching @ Miss Korea @ Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday 27th April

In Camberwell there are two places when it comes to Korean, Kopan Grill (opposite the road, great for lunch deals) and Miss Korea, which also offers lunch specials though is hiptser-y and more modern. We absolutely love Kopan and so it took us some time to get there. Located next to the camera shop it's easy to miss, unless you know what you're looking for.

Bon Bon Grape Soda $3

We started with a grape soda, that wasn't fizzy. Sweet and sour, I didn't know what that stuff floating in there was, but the internet says it's green grapes! Quite nice and didn't taste as artificial as Fanta Grape, nor fizzy. Comes in a can, plane sized.

Featuring exposed walls and an urban deco, complete with one ugly as weathered patio table for all your flatlay needs, this is as hipster as it gets away from the city and super inner suburbs.

Lunch Specials! Goes till 2.30pm. I do like how the first menu had a description of everything. The third picture is the order form. I'd like to order just a plate of all the sides!

Miko Lunch Set $13
Yaki noodles + beef bulgogi + takoyaki salad

Yaki noodles - angel hair spaghetti with teriyaki sauce
Beef Bulgogi - stir-fried thin sliced rib eye with sweet soy sauce
Takoyaki salad - octopus balls with soy sauce and mayo

On our first visit I ordered the lunch set, disappointingly not presented in a bento box but on an open plate (but is there any other type than the indian one? XD). Hot little creamy octopus balls with a shrimp in the middle. The serving of spaghetti was huge! Slightly sweet though not too salty. The beef was tender though seasoning and marinade wasn't as good as Kopan. Overall it was very good, and I'd get it again if I was feeling like pasta.

Miko Noodles $14

Bio guy had the japchae, potato noodles with sauteed vegetables  + beef. He liked it but preferred Kopan too, feeling uncomfortable in a hipster setting (he hates brunch and traveling also). I'm indifferent about it as long as the tables aren't ripping out threads in my clothes and I'm not sitting on a milk crate. Bio guy died before we could extract anymore thoughts from him.

Service was quick and friendly. 

Monday 24th July

Miko Lunch Set $13
Yaki noodles + teriyaki chicken + agedashi tofu

The teriyaki chicken was a bit salty and low on teriyaki. Slightly above average. Loved the noodles! Regret getting tofu instead of octopus balls.

A return visit to try something different, though it turns out I know what white rice tastes like XD so went for the pasta again. But I did get a different protein and side. 

Bio guy says it's not worth a second look but at $13 I disagree. 
Try once, twice then perhaps explore other lunch specials in the area.

Miss Korea Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

P.S. For bibimap I like Damso Factory two stations over.

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