The Average Week @ Thursday, August 03, 2017

Tuesday 11th July

Dinner at Kobe Jones - Post Coming Soon.


Meetings with no time for lunch with only a quick dash to Bread Top. The thing was just air! I swear it didn't use to be this airy! This is the only bakery on the strip. As lucky would have it the girl before me was ordering a cake while I had a grab and go order and limited time to do so.

We also managed to sneak in a cupcake. Cookies and cream. Feeling a bit sick from not eating. Luckily all trains were down so we had almost an hour for a nap. Shopping moved to tomorrow. They said on the map all the trains vanished.

Dinner at Mister Bianco in Kew


A beautiful but short concert, the first of four for the Mozart festival. Everything seems short after Mahler. We were at the back and at ground level. It was strings based so not the entire orchestra was present. It felt small like the recital center, but required more seats. We had a good view of the passionate and very tall concert master.

Dinner followed at Oppa, the beef bulgogi udon $11, I finally ordered it. Now I'm ready to do a full review as we've had a rice dish, curry and now noodle. The udon was very satisfying with plenty of noodles it could have used more beef. Because the beef was mixed in instead of on top they weren't as flavorsome. Though the broth was. Deep in spices with bit of spring onion floating in it. Very satisfying on a winters night. I'd like to get takeaway and eat quietly in the office though. It's not that loud but life is too loud for me.

Loud Korean pop such a world of difference from Mozart. This world is too loud. I don't like it. I want to go back to my world where the loudest thing we'd hear was the steam train.


The day started with meetings that could have been done online, though we did actually need to meet to pick stuff up.

Lunch at the Meat Market, outside undercover with the glass walls. It's lovely out here with no smokers. An afternoon by the window bathing in the sunlight by the wharf reading that book that had been on my list for three years. I finally did it!

Mozart seems to cast a spell upon me, within less than a diameter of a clock's hand movements he has me in a trance. Asleep. But it is a version of sleep where I can still hear everything. :P No matter where I am this happens; at my desk, in the car or the music hall. Symphony no.40 was a delight and a favourite of mine. A close second to Beethoven's 6th, which we recently had the pleasure of experiencing live 

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