A Week of Adventures & Launches @ Thursday, September 07, 2017

Monday 7th August

Takeaway dinner from Ping's Kitchen as we were in town, well just passing by. I do love dumplings, pan fried. Carnegie also has some great cheap eats, though I'm looking for recommendations for GW.


Lunch on the go from Ganesh Indian. Very friendly service even in those brief moments. Butter chicken was a hint salty. Wouldn't get this again. Change from a $10 qualifies as a cheap eat!

Lido. A small town movie theatre with lots of colour. My ticket said it was the lime door I'm after, but there's more than one... Built up there's three levels. At the bar the cheapest thing is $4 coffee. Popcorn is a standard $8. In the movie theatre the letters are engraved into the side of the aisle sear... Instead of on the ground in gold, making it hard to find your seat.

We saw 'The Big Sick' which I like but don't love. It was funny. But nothing remarkable on the big screen. Torrent this one. I did enjoy it more than Ali's Wedding though.

The mother does look very familiar... The accent too, though Kyra's isn't her actual accent.

To the city! Mso 2018 launch. Was boring. They didn't mention any of what would be my highlights. Namely Holt's Planets, Dvorak New World Symphony and hp3.

A stop by the bar to tick off today's social goal. Turns out the boy I like is gay. Yep. All the good ones are either gay or taken. In hindsight I'm not sure if I actually like him or it was something else...

Dinner at Massi 


Short films at Hoyts, where we met a cool French guy, we spoke about food. As I'm very curious as to what they eat, as here it's either bakery stuff or fine dinning with nothing in between. But what do normal people eat? He says each area has its own dishes, but mainly rice/pasta/bread, things that every other western contry eats really. 


Fringe Launch - We didn't take pictures for the blog, though there's some on insta.


MSO Plays Shostakovich 5


Ancien & the Magic Tablet. A morning movie, where dreams and reality collide. I love that the big bad is easily spotted XD Naturally being a princess, main girl must have at least one dead parent. We fell asleep halfway through, it was me and not the movie though. Loved the end song which was The Monkey's DayDream Believer in Japanese.

Lunch from Thrive, it was average. But there was more salmon than in the picture. The Pho like rice noodles not fully cooked, which was weird. Probably won't be back, though service was fast and friendly.

We went to work then dinner. I swear I don't just eat, I do get up to a lot of stuff. 

Dinner at Laksa King in GW. Can't say I'd get this ever again or recommend it.

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