All the Moves - North Melbourne (Part 1) @ Friday, October 20, 2017

October 2016

On a sunny weekday we moved up North to a motel-ee place opposite the Meat Market (an arty venue, that hosts wine festivals and parties). Why? The other house was getting renovated, repainted and carpet removed mainly. Moving Week.

This is upstairs from the carpark, where there's communal gardens that no one tends to.

Inside this is the main room and kitchen.

This is the backyard, there is no grass. Look over the balcony and there's another level of apartments down there. They're government owned housing on that side (we called cops on them multiple times).

One of the other girls' room had a cupboard, under the stairs! At least it was slanted to look like it, but actually there's not another floor on top of us? 

This was my room, it's bigger than it looks and certainly bigger than the study at the last house. The house was pretty new and the carpet was lovely to lie on.

The view from my window.

Looking back towards the hall, we're upstairs btw and we've got a basket by the stairs to lower things down. XD I'm really not a fan of stairs. This was the girl's unit, we had another one for the boys on the other side, with a bigger kitchen and more stairs!

This was the view from a window on the boys' side. Except from the wrong angle...

We drove up to North Melbourne, left our carry on luggage there, went to lunch, but they took longer than expected so I went out for cake in the afternoon too.

All the stuff. Damn they positioned the bed wrong again. Why is this the default setting?

So we didn't have any shelves, so we used cardboard boxes as tables (needed to keep them for the move back anyway). No draws for clothes either, so I put in some wire baskets. Over the door hooks were also great, $3 from Daiso.

Unfortunately the neighbours (over the fence) drove me crazy and I left after 3wks, most of the time was spent gathering info in them... they may also think we're sex addicts.

This is me moving overnight, yes I normally start packing the night before the move. I prefer to use bags to move so I can see where everything is, and can move it myself too.

As we were contracted to still pay rent for a while we used it as a hang out spot, in between events and close to the city. The movers would move the stuff we didn't move ourselves.

I discovered an intense dislike for the girl next door, pasta girl, while we were here. Also that a screen door is vital. I don't think we got our bond back from all the dead mozzies all over the new white walls... the mozzie situation was pretty crazy, they were everywhere.

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