Goodbye August. Hello MSFW. @ Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Monday 28th August

A quick lunch from that French place. A chicken lettuce and tomato baguette. Crunchy but not too Crunchy on the outside fluffy within. The filling was basic with no buttery spread or anything. Way too basic for $8. It was medium-ish sized. The way it was filled wasn't great with all the chicken on the side like it was just for show in a shop window... Not practical. Not spread out like subway. Wouldn't get this again. We prefer nhu lan.

Toroto at Nova. Cinema no.12. The screen is small for the movies, the smallest we've seen out of all the ones we've been to: the two mainstream ones, Como and lido (once). It's about the small size as our projector screen back home... But better quality id hope.
Slightly slanted but not enough if you're behind a girraft, row H is the one to pick it's higher, towards the back.

I still think toroto is a pedo! His grin is unnerving. I do love the music though. That's the best part. Le beau loved it as he saw it as a kid. I think as a kid it would be more magical. Before learning all these restrictions like you gotta keep your shoes on cause hook worm and potential infection... Also stranger danger and all.

Set in the country I can't quite tell when it's set but it would have been before the 40s? But one girl has a 50s dress. The speed of technology in the country is different also.
There's power lines, telegrams + 1920s two piece phone, water pump.

Someone said it just over a decade after the end of the Second World War - so the 50s! The dress was right! Miyazaki set the time as "when televisions were yet to be brought into homes". 1958 is the exact year, it's on calendar in aa scene. 

I'm still coonfused why they moved to the country... is it because they're poor? Potentially it was to be close to their mother but she's still 3hrs away and they don't have a car. 

The Cat Returns - Everyone knows when you go into another world if you eat the food you're normally trapped and yet the cat ate all the food anyway...

A girl saves a cat and could have died! She travels to two different cat worlds. We loved the typical secretary role with the brown cat that colouring that made it look like a Chinese girl. American voices though. The crazy king looks crazy XD

While the Prince has a minimal part and only two scenes we like him! He likes the pretty blue eyed white cat with the pink bow. She came from the real world before the movie started. Oddly the king accepts it and then wants main girl for himself... When he first comes to town it was hilarious how the security cars fought of the house cats.

The main girl doesn't really learn anything about her adventure when she gets back to the real world. 90s suburban. One of the only ghibli films that doesn't feel like a match for the others in terms of style. It was less je ne quoi? We quite liked it though but the ending I was hoping for something more... Maybe she meets a guy who reminds her of Baron?


MealPal Launch


Lunch with Mason Dixon via MealPal 

Off to Lilydale for a dress fitting. Somehow my styling tends to lean on the Japanese school girl style x novice nun. XD

It's a different world out there. So much space! But at the same time the people make the town feel like trailer trash. Pants now worn 3/4 down your ass why even bother?
Alesha was an absolute pleasure! Her room looks like something out of a magazine, absolutely no clutter, like a guest room. We tried a few different dresses before picking a light grey one from Rodeo Show that would compliment the millennial pink well.

Back to the city. We're literally an hour away! The house is 15mins from the city - if you travel in between the peaks.

Ali's Wedding. Arriving just in time for Ali to say the lie to save himself and the family /friends from the shame of not getting a high score. Similar to 'The Big Sick' but with more emphasis on cultural differences. Big sick guy is older and has a bit more escape chance not living at home and being independent. While Ali's just finished high school, lives at home and his dad is the priest at their church opposite the house with a beautiful Rapunzel tower. Up north in Coburg (?) is this place real? Ali plays the mandolin. The church is a community and almost like living in a small country town, while being in Melbourne.

Pretty good though not as hilarious as 'The Big Sick ' which is similar in that it deals with immigrants with middle eastern cultures (not the main guy but more of the family) liking a girl they don't accept. Though Ali takes it a step further, it all starts with a lie. Tractor chases, deportation and shaming at church are some of the hilarious scenes.
Definitely go see it


Lunch in between meetings at Zen. The salmon terrayaki bento is perfect! 
I still don't like the bean sprouts but that's just me.

Aqua S. Coconut grainy. Pandan was good. We found the coconut was inedible, a sorbet they said. Always in the right machine. Gross. Not the flavour just texture. It's rare when it's grainy but I guess it's just one of those flavours. $8.

Cookies Dough

I think we had dinner at Mr Burger, according to the notes...
Burger was huge! I need a slider
Peach vinegar not BBQ
Tomato sauce not free
Crinkle cut chips light samboy seasoning 


Finally we made it to Sushi Monger! Open exclusively for weekday lunch they're hard to catch though easy to find in a laneway off Bourke St. 

After lunch we attended a lovely workshop hosted by Kikki K with Fontin, the 
Dream. Do. Enjoy. Share. Journal Workshop. We identified our dreams, goals, talents and strengths. Worked out what our perfect mornings look like and compared them to our average ones.

It wasn't one of those boring sessions though, it was quick, snappy and fun, in a group of 8 girls. 2hrs condensed in to an abridged version of 30mins. I'm a fast learner so it wasn't overwhelming at all. 

It definitely gave me the motivation to start working on some of my goals again.
Though the idea that life is about sharing moments with others make me feel iffy. All the ladies at dance says it's untimately about friends and family. But for me it's all about me, and what I'm up to, as I have very little relationships with anyone. 

It's another shopping festival! Post coming up soon.

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