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Monday 2nd October

It's amazing how I could get up at 6.30 and know at 11am that I'm going to be late for that 2pm meeting, when I already left the house... there were bus changes, things took longer than expected. 

Lunch from New York Deli on the corner it's hard to find under the construction. Roast Beef with Potatoes, the beef was a bit chewy (but then again I am a princess), the mash was very good though with the gravy. The salad was amazing, a choice of four I picked the egg & potato, with bacon which really bought a smokey flavour to the party. The dressing, was amazing - though I have no idea what it was. I'll be back for that salad! 

Back out to a meeting, then back to the city. Lincraft. Kikki K. Pre-dinner snack at Boost. This place is so not for me, from all the loud music.

MSO La Mer & Brahms Piano Concerto No.1


The day started with a meeting, running late so we had time to check out a chocolate factory outlet. Their hot chocolate isn't Hiller's though, just powder.

Lunch on the go from Nhu Lan, I had planned to go to Chaihanna, but since our last visit they've closed!? This is the second time Groupon has failed, as always they offer credit but never our actual money back...

This week's blog adventure took us to Collingwood, next to Fitzroy to Punjabi Curry Cafe.


Lunch from Aunty Franky Lee, this place has been on the list for a while. Mother Hen Soup, it was a bit salty for me, and I'm not a fan of wings... but I did like the mushroom.

It's the Law was a fast paced comedy without a single dull moment! They sure talk fast! Peopled out for the day we required a nap after. Definitely recommended for a light hearted but fast talking movie.

Left us exhausted! Down time while traveling to Camberwell, as the camera is out of action and we needed to pick something up. This time last year we lived in this town, and since then hav moved houses five times. 

Back to the city for a nap! Then off to a circus event. A mesmerizing performance defying gravity and physics by @gomcircus! I don't think I blinked for fear of missing a second. Wow! What a performance! Naturally preview night (and every night to come) concluded with a standing ovation.


  • Up at 10am it was a long day, and I needed an afternoon nap. Driving in the morning, struggling to stay in between the lines. 
  • Lines taking forever... it took almost 50mins to buy chips and movie tix! And this is a small town, the city is busy but fast.
  • Kiehl's Fig perfume has been on the list for a while and today was the day, as they're discontinuing their perfumes. Noooo!!! I also like the orange blossom. $30 for 30ml, the small bottle was the exact one I'm after. I was reminded of it when someone at the movies yesterday wore it. 
  • At Myer we decided to get that clutch I was after, undecided if I want to keep it or not though... based on size. 

Opening Night party at the forum! Open bar and canapes, with a beer vending machine game that's more like random than skill of any sort. Still we had fun.


1/4 Rotisserie Chicken & Fries - Belleville Melbourne. Yum!

The afternoon event was canceled so we took the occasion to check out the Moon Festival at Crown.

50 Shades of Durian $14-ish
By Pufflets on Therry St @crownresorts
Egg waffles with durian cream and gelato, wafer cubes, cornflakes and puree!
It was very nice, though all about the food porn. If I wasn't taking a picture I'd just get the durian ice cream for $5. Those wafer cubes are gross! Fake durian or durian flavour tastes and smells like a gas leak!!

Up North, picking up a cupcake on the way to a girls film festival. 


Jas fails to show, I expected it but suffer, oh yes suffer is the right word, from hope.

Went to see Victoria & Abdul this afternoon. Though would liked to have seen a ball for costume porn. I liked it but didn't love it, recommended? Sure if you're really into it. But it is kinda depressing, as it's the end of her life. We love the Victorian era and am currently watching Victoria with Dr Who girl.

Seeing old people and dying is kinda depressing. Abuse of the elderly seems to be a theme. Also fighting for the throne, so much work... not enough benefits. Life in moderation is key.
Would have liked more costume porn.

There's that actress from halcyon and harlots, and dumbledor but no norrington.

Lunching at @whitemojo . We had the meatballs for something real rather than high on the food porn scale (we did that yesterday).
Wagyu Meatballs. Very good though needs an extra something. Perhaps more cheese? Mango Chutney or more salsa?

Wagyu Meatball $17.50
Spicy tomato sugo, shaved parmesan, sous vide egg and chargrilled toast.

It was an entree...  Entree sized and this one of the more filling options! The idea is to order three dishes to share btw two, $60 + coffee. Brunch is crazy!

In the evening we went to a classical music thing at Monash, and loved it!


Up to Brunswick for lunch. Of course I'm running late :P

The spinach ricotta triangle was so flakey and beautiful that I need another at 2.40 and to return for pie!

Green Refectory. Packed with a line to the back at 1pm. Dangerfield girl recommends it though I had breakfast slop last time so idk.

We always come for cake, had bkfast of slop once so that deterred us, but we're giving it another go. Salads, parties and well everything is being ordered. Think I'll get a pie for dinner on the way out. There's almost always a line, steady though only crazy during lunch.

Stopped by Dangerfield, the biggest one but not flagship. Is that a bonnet?! Almost. At 35 with adjustments I'm waiting for a sale. The bucket is normal depth therefore a bit too deep to perch as a recency bonnet.

Vinnies was next door. Hats, books and homewares I don't need (just the later two). These days I'm just after reference books.

Back for dinner and cake to share.

Autopilot made me late. Took me to the north melb house...

We've lived opposite the meat market, crazy close to vic markets but I never made it. Much preferred a couple blocks from hawthorn station 15mins from the city, not during peak. During peak the express skips it.

Survival skills workshops were fun, I wish I could have attended them all but we were quite booked out. The last one was 'How to Run' with an actor who runs and gym a lot. I didn't expect to actually run, as in college we talk about stuff, theories but we never actually do anything :P.

Thunder, a car alarm goes off followed by a torrent of rain. Of course I have an umbrella.
Dinner at Nene, it took forever! I had the savory corn which was good. Something small as I had a huge late lunch.

Bed by 11pm, drained from what little running we did.

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