Afternoon Tea @ Runya's Room @ Saturday, December 09, 2017

Friday 3rd November

Located in the new St Collins Lane (mall) is the beautiful enticing Runya's Rooms, a tea room that's very pink and gold, almost as if it were inspired by Cristina Re's teawares! Which they do use and sell. Though I do feel as though there were gold frames, but nothing in them... something was missing. The lovely mural on the window changes often, always something nice to see. 

Everything looks nice, they all seem like classic desserts we've seen around.

Table for one please, I think jas was meant to join us, but he bailed. Don't ever stop living/doing what you want just because you're flying solo, though I have to admit places where you can't get takeaway do sometimes deter me when I want to order a few dishes.

Scones, macarons or the dessert platter? I''ll take one of each please. Runya also serves breakfast and dinner mains, which idk about... like I wouldn't go here for dinner because it sounds a bit strange. 

Scones & Jam (2) $9.50

Rose water & date scones, orange blossom scones with homemade jam & chantilly cream 

Warm and fluffy these were just like cake! Orange teay flavours in the orange blossom, and the other was fruity. So they have two different scones, and you can get one of each.  They were amazing w raspberry jam (more than just raspberry in there, but the manager wouldn't say what. There was also apricot jam.

Raspberry Macaron $9.50

Raspberry macaron, chantilly cream, raspberry ganache, fresh raspberies 

We got the big raspberry macaron, as it's my favourite classic at LuxBite. Disappointingly it was standard, just average, nothing wrong or amazing, just like those cakes and slices that came from a mass producing warehouse somewhere. It's just raspberry. Fresh cream and fine for what it is, but luxbite does it as raspberry and lychee, and that's amazing.

Dessert Platter $24.50
An assortment of macarons and mini desserts from the high tea menu

How beautiful is this? It's the one to order if you have no idea what to order.

A choux pastry with hazel cream. A dry almondy crumble (used to be a cookie) that doesn't fit in. The lychee and pistachio macarons were good. A light apple mousse dome. The raspberry slice packs a punch! Eat this last: Kumquat gel w cream. Though it was missing that special something. A ginger nut crumb base perhaps?

It was good though nothing amazing. For $5 more you can get the tasting plate at Bibelot ($30) which I heard is good, but haven't tried or the platter at Luxbite for $40. It's the atmosphere and food porn that's the selling point, but on taste it's all average. 

Lukewarm service was slooow that or it paused because I was in a phone meeting... as in I was ready to order but there as no one around. That or because I made my booking on dimmi and got 50% off, and therefore was a second rate customer...

The music and atmosphere was nice I suppose bu I don't like sad flutey lovey dovey music that makes me feel like I was just dumped. Parisian jazz would have been a better choice.

Tuesday 19th December

Fraisier $9.50
Genoise sponge, mousseine vanilla, strawberries, marzipan

This was one of my many birthday cakes, and the one I had my eye on (other than the big pink macaron), and it didn't disappoint. A strawberry cream sponge. The best thing I've had here, and I've had the platter. It wasn't anything out of the generic desserts range, as in a lot of cafes would have this, especially the French ones in South Yarra, but it was nice. 

My recommendations? Skip the platter and fancy cakes (save your pennies for Luxbite), go for the scones and Fraisier (if strawberry sponge is your thing).

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