Amazing Chicken @ Ashy's Afghan @ Friday, December 01, 2017

Saturday 24th June 2017

Lunching at Ashy's Afghanistan on a Saturday afternoon after a canceled workshop in town, was a delight. I discovered them on zomato, and they're located uphill past the station on the left heading away from the main area. 

I love lunching, as there's better lighting and sometimes it's cheaper, when they have a lunch menu. A seat by the window, 12.15 lunch there were only two other tables occupied. We're excited as we love kebabs! Would been hilarious if we ordered pancakes or fish and chips, which were also on the menu for picky eaters.

Double Skewer Charcoal Kebabs $12. 

Chicken and/or lamb skewers served with barberries, grilled tomato and rice.

Tender juicy chicken med spiced oh wow! This chicken has been brined and is amazing, though it made the lamb a chewy contrast. Served on rice along with the yoghurty dip and sweet balsamic dressed salad, it was perfect. 

The chicken was amazing and we can't wait to return! We haven't had chicken this awesome since bio guy made that chicken pasta that's still in the freezer (later on aunty would play sabotage and unplug the freezer).

Service was very friendly and quick.

Tuesday 17th Oct

Prawn Dumpling $10

Dumpling topped with dal cooked with tomato, onion, chilli served with garlic sauce.

Like har gow but with more skin less filling. With those yellow lentils and a light tomato sauce. It was different though paled compared to that glorious chicken. These were interested, it was like the ones from the freezer but someone had added a lentil sauce in attempt to add more to it. I like it, but it was like pimped up dumplings. Not really my thing.

Fernando had the lamb wrap, no he doesn't want to share or talk about it.

Chicken Kabuli Pallow $14 - Traditional Afghani rice flavoured 

with cumin and cardamom, cooked with chicken pieces, 
dressed with layer of finely sliced carrot and sultanas

Yellow basmati rice with cooked shredded carrots and sultanas with pieces of beautiful spiced chicken. Aromatic but not heat spicy and full of flavour. The chicken was and tender and top 2 for best chicken I've had. The secret is that it has been brined. Though jas says buttermilk also works. The serving was large and I received an applause on completion... A vinaigrette dressed salad accompanied the chicken and rice mixed in as one (chicken and rice, not salad). It was very good I'd recommend it and would get it again. - I'd like to buy five to freezer :P

We love to sit by the window, though there's always plenty of seats. 

Feb 2018

Chicken Kabuli Pallow $14 - Takeaway.

Once again the same workshop took us to Ashburton where we ordered the same amazing dish as last time. But it looks different takeaway... smaller and without the salad. Hmm... I guess I would recommend this place but not takeaway. Such a disappointment too.

Eat in, don't get takeaway unless you want to pay the same price for a smaller portion.

Ashy's Cafe and Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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