5 Tips on How to Bring the Hotel Home @ Thursday, February 22, 2018

By Carol from Road To Organized

To be honest my room looks like something out of Howl's Moving Castle, as I have so much craft supplies on every surface, flowers and things of inspiration and all. No I can't pop it into storage, because here out of sight and out of mind you'll never see it again. But I am working on popping everything into clear boxes and storing them where they stand.

We came across this article by Carol from Road To Organized, and it made me reflect on our last holiday, to Sage Hotel. There was no clutter, plenty of space to write, be it in the temperature controlled room full of light (we are vampires and live in front of a forest and never open the curtains at home, fear of dust and the truth, also burning) or downstairs in the communal space. Home is nothing like that, it's either screen time or bed. Nothing in between, not much room for anything but tripping and getting threads ripped out of you clothes, getting snagged on things (this is why we always wear aprons).

When we get our own place I'd love to have a separate study, craftroom and bedroom; and we'd actually use all these wonderful tips to create a hotel-like space with minimal clutter, though that's going to be quite a challenge, being the Queen of Clutter!

1. Clear-ish flat surfaces

Holiday accommodation only keeps the necessary on each surface. Those clutter free feels really impact on our relaxed state.

2. Keep only what you really love

The thing with the space we were staying in is, it had a whole collection of really cool ornaments, fresh flowers, original artworks and so on. And I loved pottering about looking at each piece. It made me think of the things that we have in our own décor. Do we really love each piece? Does it speak to us? What is it that gives it permission to stay in our home? What this does is, as we move through our space, we’re only surrounded by the things that we are really drawn to, and it makes us more comfortable in our space.

3. Softness and texture + light

Each soft surface had blankets and cushions so you could really cozy up in that space. The colours were somewhat neutral with splashes of colour and they were really inviting. White flowing curtains softened the space. It doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy stuff – use what you have. Think about how you use your own spaces. Do you like reading in your bedroom? Create a reading nook with blankets and cushions. Like sitting out looking at the view? What can you do to make the space more inviting for you?

4. Use the Good Stuff

From the unopened bath salts you have stashed in the back of the cupboard, to the crockery collection that you really love, start using the stuff that you keep for special occasions, on a more regular basis. Fill a basket with all those bath bombs and handmade soaps, and use them! Light those candles that are just for decoration.
Bring the Outside In

We spent most of our time in the sunroom overlooking the view, and I thought about our own patio that sits unused way too much. What can you do to make that a space you use more?

5. Add Flowers

So, I have a bit of a list now of what I want to do in our space, which mainly involves moving things around, and looking a little harder at each space and how it works for us. What can you do to your space that gives you those holiday feels?

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