Wednesday 11th July
Charlie & Co. participated as guests.

Another fun cooking class in the kitchen of Two Kings Cafe, on Wednesday night with Lillie, who we had the pleasure of meeting during our last cooking class, Vietnamese (link). This time we're back for the best selling class, and most popular cuisine (with a huge influence created by cheap fights) of the past couple years: Japanese! 

Think miso, sushi, teriyaki chicken, tempura and more! 

At 5.30pm after work/adventures on a Wednesday Night we're all a bit peckish, though it wasn't long before we started with entrees: lotus root chips, miso soup and a noodle salad. The lotus root chips were very easy to make, though a bit scary with the knife, as you'd slice them paper thin to get them extra crispy. Seasoned lightly with salt, they're the perfect snack! - And way better than the packet stuff. 

Miso Soup

Japanese Noodle Salad with Smoked Salmon

Next up was the Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake). It's all about the prep work, finely chopping and shredding ingredients. Before Lillie pops a slice or two of bacon in the frying pan, piles on top some of the mixture and pan fries them. You can make three in a pan or do a big one and cut up slices. 

Drizzled with kewpie mayo and tonkatsu sauce, it's amazing and sure to make your colleagues want to swap lunches! Fridge staples. Along with two others, but you'll have to come along to find out what they are. ;)

While chopping, slicing and dicing is a bit scary (my favorite thing to do with a knife is cut a cake or cube butter) sauces and measuring is my thing! Hello teriyaki sauce. This one we didn't really leave it in for too long, though ideally at home I'd marinate it overnight. Skewers are always fun to eat, but don't forget to prep them so they don't burn!

Sushi time! This is what people think of first when people think of Japanese food, before all the ramen places popped up. It was also one of my favourite lunches in high school, and cheap eat in the city. These aren't the ones I made by the way.

While the sushi was fun to make I think the real highlight of this cooking class, was something I've never had or heard of before - Negimaki (paper thin beef rolls) with carrots, red onion, spring onion and mushroom inside. Cooked in a flaming hot frying pan (makes for a great show too). This is the one I'll be whipping up first at home. *not plated up by me*

Anything deep fried is great :P this is the tempura veggies, served with kewpie mayo and tonkatsu sauce. Decorated with enoki mushrooms and diagonally sliced spring onions (diagonally slicing is the secretly to sexy food ;)

Tonight there were 8 in the kitchen, full house, it was a little squishy (watch those elbows) though we still got plenty of attention (me + knife = send help) and got to  participate in every dish, just as we had in our last class of 4. 

We had a great time, working on knife skills in particular for me, learning about Japanese ingredients, discovering new dishes, having another one of Lillie's amazing salads, along with plenty of other dishes. 

Lillie's an amazing instructor with plenty of knowledge and experience in asian cooking (she's been cooking for long than I've been alive :P). We learnt so much, observed speedy knife skills (where no one got hurt) and overall had an education but fun time. Jochemden (chef & owner of Two Kings Cafe) was also a great help, and mastered the stove and very big (and a little scary) but impressive flames pan frying the crowd pleasing beef rolls. 

Definitely recommended, this is our second cooking class with Lillie (@thefoodaffectionist) and Foodie Trails. An excellent gift idea or great night out, the September class has sold out, but November is still open! Tickets are $100 (if you buy 2 or more) or $125 for one person. Click here to make a booking.

Foodie Trails also offers foodie tours, and other cooking classes, mainly asian (Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese) but also Indian & Sir Lankan, and Mexican. Personally we've done the Vietnamese, Japanese & Thai ourselves, and recommend all three.

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