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Monday 13th November

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We do travel a lot for meetings, this one's on a small town, the sign says something vague and it's like having a strip club in an office building. Unassuming. XD Nearby we had lunch at Iron Henry on main street. We had the burger which was pretty good though unremarkable. 


8.40 Dinner at Tetsujin. Our first time here, this is exciting! The design reminds me of the NYC Subway - though a billion times cleaner said jas XD


How was my day? Well I forgot which one the brakes were... but on the upside I didn't drive on the wrong side of the road, though I didn't manage to stay inside the lines either. I tend to drift.

A Media Dinner at Calia


Dentist. Two shots. The filling wasn't too bad and the guys were gentle.

Beer x Donuts at All Day Donuts. Where food trucks live. 
My plus one cancelled on the day right before it started as usual.


So we figured out what totally put me off my a game when it comes to driving. It was more like d today, driving on the wrong side of the road and nearly hitting a tree, surving to avoid hitting an island. Forgetting the order of things, and yeah. It was bad.

Dinner at Oriental Express, the black bean beef was very good. Fried sweet and sour chicken not so great reheated. Food court eats, they've got good end of the day specials.


11am picnic lunch. We never made it, couldn't find the venue, but we saw a friend.

Uber was down... so we taxied. Add bad traffic as everyone was heading to the same event. $25. I thought I could do it all.

At the plenary there was typical convention center food. Annoyingly each stall was set apart, so you couldn't see all your options at once. $13 for two slices of pizza... the chicken was good, but the vegetarian wasn't, not enough flavour.

The concert was amazing! The seats too. Nothing like side seats last time. They no longer sell those seats. Loved every moment of it. Regret not buying tix for the second concert tonight. Reliving the magic. The first is my favorite before things got really dark (4th book). All that beautiful iconic music. Loved it. I recall seeing the movie for the first time back home, at a park. An outdoor moonlight cinema by the bay. We spent more on getting there and parking than a movie ticket.

Outside they sold merchandise, $10 every flavour beans, not normally seen in the same packaging as the movie. No chocolate frogs though, I recall getting them from Boarders.
$40 shirts and scarves. $35 hufflepuff ties, all the other houses were sold out?
We bought a scarf, finally got an official one! 

Off to work, on the way we picked up dinner from Dondon, the Chicken curry don was quite good, filling and all. No chewy bits. 


Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them - I feel asleep last time we saw this at the movies. It was good but nothing amazing. A guy said he loved Newt cause he had compassion, yeah but he's an adult. We still love Harry, could have taken the easy way and gone evil. Also he didn't grow up with kind people, and yet he was a good guy. Anyway the evil guy didn't make sense... What is his motive? Back story? We did ship Queenie and Jacob though, it was cute that a guy like him (normal shape) got a pretty girl. 

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