Monday 20th November

Lunch from Master Roll. Now I know it's cheaper and better at nhu lan but today's meeting takes me to South Yarra.

 There's two lunch deals, B is $13 and includes a roll, spring rolls and water/soda.

As you can see there isn't much seating, more of a grab and go spot by the station.

The vegetarian spring rolls were perfect! Not carrot and cabbage, but like the temple ones.

We ordered the grilled chicken. No chili. But they gave us chili... and then in the second one there was an eye lash! But we didn't have time to go back..

That aside it was regular sized with pickled radish?? (White stuff) though needed more coriander and spring onion. The chicken was tender and lightly marinated, could use more seasoning. No chewy bits at all, the quality was really good. Less authentic than usual but still pretty good

Service was very fast and friendly. They were full at lunch time. 
I regret not ordering an iced coffee.

Would I dine here again? Perhaps not...

Master Roll Vietnam Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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