Staying at Sage Hotel - Partake Restaurant @ Saturday, December 22, 2018

Back to the hotel for dinner, Partake offers Modern Australia with a couple Asian dishes, and is more towards the inside of the venue, rather than in the lounge area looking outside.

There were only two other booths taken tonight at 9pm. A quiet chilled setting, so different from the city... yes it's a late dinner, but the events outside were lovely.

Starting with drinks the list is huge, and includes 6 mocktails. 

Virgin Lychee Mojito 
Lychee, fresh mint, sugar, fresh lime and soda water
Not sweet enough... though refreshing.

Strawberry Sangria 
Orange juice, fresh strawberries, blend with apple juice
It was like a fun fruity slushie complete with a brain freeze, but with real fruit he said. 

Share Plate for Two
chicken skewers, smoked salmon and scallops

We started with a selection of entrees to share, there are 6 options, pick 3. If you're vegetarian this one's not for you. It's the perfect dish when you can't pick just one entree.

Chicken Skewers - Served with Spanish onion, cucumber, satay sauce
Tender moist light peanut butter dressing this was perfect, I do love satay and chicken

Smoked Salmon - Served with rocket leaves, Yarra valley rainbow trout caviar, chive crème fraiche & dill mustard dressing. Ticking that daily salad box, though we need more dressing it was also nice with the balsamic vinegar.

Pan-seared Scallop  - with beans shoots, dried shallots, cashew nut & palm sugar dressing in crispy wonton cup. This was a fun one! Not finger food though it certainly does look inviting.

I wanted just to get the salmon but alas the fish was an entire fish, something I've never ordered before. There was also pasta on the menu and a couple asian dishes. Nothing really took my fancy, so we tried something new. 

Grilled Whole Baby Barramundi  - rubbed with Moroccan spices and served on a warm salad of cous cous, roasted pumpkin and raisins, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil

The apple rocket slaw was the perfect accompaniment to the fish. How does one describe fish? Idk. It was laid on a bed of cous cous mixed with the classic three corn, peas and carrots. Needs more cranberries, and add in pistachios and coriander for the Moroccan feel. It was good though not amazing, unlike what he had... why does he always make better decisions than me? 

Mt Leura Western Victoria 200g Lamb rump with mushroom cream + chips
(your choice of sauce and one side dish)

He said it was perfect. Juicy, tender, crispy fries, a great sauce.

Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce

I swear sticky date is the go to at Modern Australia/hotel menu-y places, and a favourite of Fernando's. It was perfect he said, with the fruits and coconut being the perfect christmasy touch to a tradition English dessert.

Cheese plate, selection of fine Victorian cheeses 
served with quince paste, crackers and dried fruit 

Meanwhile I ordered the cheese plate, and forgo to ask for a serving for one. So this was suppose to serve two, whoops. There was an offered to get part of it take away, but I was cheesed out! I do love cheese, and the serving size was quite generous esp with all the dried fruit. 

Service was very friendly, and we had a lovely time. The only thing I'd do different is perhaps have part of the restaurant by the window with that view that's so wasted at night.

Here's the view from our room instead.

The next morning we were back for a continental breakfast, as that's kinda standard we've included it with the last post rather than this one. Wish we could order a selection of this for breakfast in bed, though that was more like dishes rather than a section. The in-room menu had quite a few more things on it than downstairs. 

Next time we're ordering breakfast in bed! - If the hotel doesn't do a continental breakfast.

April 2018 at Hotel Windsor - Update, breakfast in a huge high ceiling room with lovely creamy yellow curtains, with classical music. Great food and our own waiter, who had anime expressions when he realized he forgot the tea (an Englishman always has tea), who could miss that? :P // Next time, if we go to a too family friendly place, we'll order breakfast in bed.

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