Wedding Expo 2018 - One Fine Day 2018 @ Saturday, August 03, 2019

Summer 2018

It's no secret that we love all things wedding! Though have never actually been to one. In the process of planning our own (April 2020) we'll be sharing our adventures with you. By this time as an events planner we've either been to all the wedding expos (working there) or as a guest. And as someone who only plans to get married three times, before realizing that perhaps it's not for me, only once we'll give you the VIP tour.

I do believe there's three-four wedding expos around, a budget one at Caulfield/a town hall, a lame one at the convention center and this one! This one is my favourite. I recommend getting VIP tickets for the full experience. Also another tip that covers most exhibitions (except comic con off the top of my head): don't buy tickets, they're fairly easy to win on fb/insta, vendors will do giveaways. 

This year OFD is held in the shed at Showgrounds, it's hot... but I'm glad it's not right after the royal melb show! The venue is a downgrade from the usually stunning exhibition building (not center, that's the one near crown).

With VIP tickets you don't get to see and touch the gowns backstage anymore it seems. But you get two drinks (though I'm pretty sure we had more than that), a showbag and front row runway seats. I'd say go for VIP, get the best experience rather than be on the outside looking in with regrets for an experience money can buy. 

At the front there's the VIP lounge, it really needed a huge rug or something... looking a bit bare as this place is literally a shed! A bare bones venue. 

As the shed is huge the event is woven down the middle as a maze. Literally. A maze with the runway at the end. It's brilliant and I love it! It's the best design so you won't miss a thing! Though if you want to get through quickly we'll that's a challenge.

Runway - We got gold VIP and then VIP, and GA. The last don't get seats. Gone are the days of gold/silver/bronze (the last one is free). Drinks at the front, coffee and runway at the back with everything in the middle. I don't have a picture but there are like a billion front row seats.

Pro Tip - The best seat is the corner seat to see them coming down and the back of the dress. Otherwise front on, but you'll need to be fast with the camera.

Some of these dresses are nice, others trashy half done high school projects. I do wish there were more not so white wedding dresses. Fun note, wedding models are the tallest ones, they also need to be comfortable in nude heels and a gstring backstage. Because dresses these days can be very revealing and everything shows.

Suggested bridesmaids' dresses, for millennials. XD

What a display! 

Did we discover anything new? Well review now does wedding dresses! We blinked and missed it though. And I don't recall checking out forever new but I have a cookie from them... Also review does a kids range! They don't promote it though and it's only at djs.

Little Bertha cakes a wholesaler that sells to cafes was amazing! Is it weird Though? Cause normally you'd meet the lady who makes all the cakes. That was a highlight.

Millennial pink is everywhere...

Lots of cake stalls.

Wedding favour ideas, we've picked ours though.

Showbags! No pen, that's rare XD I was hoping to get a fancy pen and a notepad. Though there was lipstick from Karen Murrell which was awesome!! Not as much stuff as expected. Hoping kikki k will hop on board or another stationary brand.

I was pretty happy that we covered almost everything in 3hrs!

What didn't we see? A hashtag printing photo booth. I love those! Workshops, flower crowns are always popular, and Calligraphy (stationary). Or hens' party ideas, namely workshops. 

Tip - Collect business cards and have a folder for some, we've discovered a few vendors over the years that we're definitely going to use. One of these guys who have a wishing well website, and you can choose what your gift/donate will go towards eg. dinner for two at some place in Paris, a gift registry but for experiences. Also you can get your faces printed on toilet paper, we came upon that at another expo.

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