A Friday in August 2019 - Continued Visits

Until now there aren't any local cafes I really love in the GW area (for BB we love Nuts about Coffee, Wattlebird and Aunt Billies). There was that fancy cotton candy mork cafe that closed, and White Mojo is gone these days, there was also a cool pink cafe from the creators of Homi (also gone) that we liked. Gosh it's like a revolving door of cafes around here these past few years, once YOMG opened up shop and put us on the map.

With the renovation of the local mall and recreation of what we call 'Mini Eastland' comes great new eats that before now we had to go to Chadstone or the city for.

All I know about this place comes from google, hello cut and paste.

From the creators of Lights in The Attic, 3Lives and The Crux & Co, comes Cru+. We're supper excited cause Crux & Co has been on our list for years, especially when they dropped by offering pastry gifts with purchase (of an apartment). "...same style of intricate cakes and pastries made famous by sibling Crux & Co..."

The design is millennial with all that marble (though fortunately no pink), highlighting all the vibrant colours of the food. They have all the fancy coffees, Five Senses, croissants, and lunches that we've yet to try. 

August 2019

Strawberries & Cream Croissant $6.50

Afternoon tea over a meeting with Mork and pastries. There was only one of these, so it was meant to be! A strawberries and cream croissant, fresh cream with raspberry white chocolate drizzle. It wasn't soggy at all, but all crispy and perfect. I loved it! And the price was amazing, seriously I think this is normally $12.

Pork Benny $16
Pulled char-siu pork, wasabi onion, miso hollandaise on a pumpkin loaf

Henry had the pork benny which he really liked, he's our dinning companion at Cru+ though prefers the savory life. 


As well as matcha lattes, and Mork they also do black sesame lattes!
This is awesome because our town isn't like the city and matcha lattes aren't all the rage.


Smoked Salmon Croissant $11
Dill cream fraiche, capers, salad, onion

Last Brunch in 2019. It wasn't what I expected as the salmon wasn't the usual smoked more rare looking one. But it was definitely delicious and unexpectedly came with a side salad which was really good too. Get this, it's perfect for a light lunch and at $11 is definitely a steal!

P.S. They have yuzu marmalade!

Sadly being in a mall means conforming to those hours, though I do believe they close earlier been a cafe, but we look forwards to high tea, and many more visits including for high tea! ($60 for 2).

Recently Kumi (that choux place, a chain/extension of Hokkaido cheese tarts and Pafu) opened up downstairs in the other end, with their awesome looking croissants, I do wonder how that will affect them.

Tip - Park at Coles and go up or walk from the new entrance.

  Cru+ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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