South Wharf Eats - Bangpop Thai @ Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Late December 2019/Early January 2020

Pad Thai Tuesday Lunch $10
Thai stir fried rice noodles with tofu, egg, garlic, chives, 
kuung, bean sprouts, crispy shallots, fresh chili & peanuts.

Don't think we can link a review for zomato as we've been here a few times, the first was as part of a progressive lunch. Since then we've been back for $10 Pad Thai Tuesdays which now is lunch only (normally $17, without meat). Also a couple times with 50% off via dimmi.


 Calamari, corn fritters and tofu

Thai corn fritters $12 - Corn fritters w/ lettuce & sweet chili sauce. Floury with a sweet sauce. I don't recommend these, they were quite disappointing and I'd like a calorie refund. 

Silken Egg Tofu $9
Deep fried egg tofu w/ tamarind sauce & black rice vinegar onion.

Nina had calamari and silky egg tofu which was nice.

Banana Blossom Chicken $26 + $4.50 Rice  = $30.50                       
Grilled chicken w/ banana blossom, shallots, coconut cream, chili & thai herbs

A bit spicy but good, would recommend but personally a hint too spicy for me. I do find toothpaste spicy though. 

A lovely spot by the water for a long lunch, though you're paying for that view. On Thai food it's too spicy for me, but I do recommend that Tuesday Pad Thai lunch special.

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