BluFish - Fish & Chips @ Wednesday, November 05, 2014

It feels like ages since our visit here, along the way we took a long walk around the city and someone got lost. It was a Saturday night, after a day at Armageddon that we visited. 

There was only one other couple at BlueFish that night, with the noise of a night club in the background, people screaming and shouting. If like us you skipped the clubbing phase of life you didn't miss anything other than your hearing and many questionable memory lost nights. 

I like it quiet, though ideally for a blog post you'd go when others would too. 

Through a group buy deal we bought 'Grilled Fish and Chips with Salad and Drink for Two $13' at this point le beau is sitting beside me (while I take the picture), also pictured is serving for one which you could buy for $7 (through the group deal). 

The garden salad was a bit odd, it was just grated carrots & cucumber. I prefer lettuce and cherry tomatoes in my salad. But other than that the chips were as good as SeaSalt (where we normally go) and fish was perfectly battered. Next time we'll get extra sauce though.

The staff (a wife & husband team?) were lovely, and likes my picture as they've decided to use it on facebook. Totally cool, only not ok when you claim you took my picture.

We found the location hard to find as I thought it was in that office-ish block out front, but it's actually around the side. Picture above and on urbanspoon to help you find it. The tram doesn't stop on King x Bourke, so you'll have to walk. It's closest to Southern Cross, the DFO exit.

Should note that they're mainly a weekday lunch spot, so check out the hours before you plan your visit. Also note that they're very close to a nightclub, so while it's not earplugs required noisy you will hear the nightclub.

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Where's your favourite fish & chip place?
Our is at 'The Beach', Stop No. 1 South Melb Beach Tram.

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