Tarts, Pho & Cheese Please! @ Friday, November 28, 2014

Tuesday 18th November

A productive day where we went to work, got home and answered emails and then went to the city. Tonight's event was a launch party for LuxBite's New Division 'T(arts) by LuxBite' featuring yummy tarts with fresh fruits and delicious fillings. 


Today was slightly productive, we did answer 18+ emails and are on the way to getting a food vendor, pies not the worst in London by Mrs Lovett. :P 

Le beau says I'm more social then I claim to be, and perhaps he's right. So someone who isn't social I sure go to a lot of events that aren't movie screenings. 

Tonight's event was an evening at 'Pho 24' which you can read more about soon. ;)


Today we had a cooking class, eggs 3 ways and a frittata, and got told off for taking pictures and she really doesn't like me as I corrected her when she said this ain't an art gallery.

It was very challenging as when I wash my hands thet get crazy dry so I must use handcream! OCD drains my energy, and by 8pm I was so tired even though I got up at 2pm. 

Dinner we had in Abbortsford far far away on the other side of the city.


Today failed. I had bad dreams about people being after me cause Abby made a list of people. It didn't make a lot of sense. 

Got up in the evening, got called fat and so I felt fat and had nothing to wear and so didn't go to work, and I was meant to be working today and tomorrow. Because I didn't go today I don't have any info about tomorrow so that's been canceled too. This was to see the event run, before running our first high-involvement event. 

Feeling fat I bought food, yes I eat when upset. But we made healthy choices, and ordered pizza with a wholemeal base and hummus instead of tomato sauce. Tandoori chicken was great! I love Crust, though it is expensive. $23 for the 33cm large one we ordered. The medium is 28cm med.


Today we went to the Cream of the Crop Festival which was more an expo as a festival by definition is a series of events within the same/similar category. We got lots of freebies, most of which we shall feature later on.

After that we went for a long walk, came across the 'Noodle Night Markets'.

And then went to a music event. 

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