Taste of Melbourne 2014 - Part 2 @ Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Part two of our adventures didn't start with a drink :P fear of portaloos. 

Instead we rewind and go back to 7pm, where we found ourselves at the Taste Kitchen with very outgoing Alice in Frames & Daniel Wilson giving a demonstration of how to create his 'Murray Cod & Thai Mango Salad'. Jas took notes but then asked for mine, no I'm not sharing :P as I did offered him a notebook but he refused.

I love coconut water, and may be addicted to it... I tried all 4 coconut water stalls. I love coconut water! I wanted to buy a bottle at each place but couldn't carry 4Ls.

It was night, as a blanket of stars spread across the skies, and underneath it was the twinkling of warm glowing light bulbs an a mini Eiffel Tower illuminated in blue, sprinkled with fairy lights.  

We're making something with lamb! I have never cooked with lamb before. 

Like last year we bought tickets for a quick workshop at the Lurpak (Butter) Cookery School for $8 pp. We Jas made Flinders Island Lamb Cutlets with Herbed Raita, and Lemon Curd - not together. I helped by stirring stuff. Cooking with me takes twice is long and makes you realize that no one is as patient at Hector & le beau.

Flinders Island Lamb Cutlets with Herbed Raita. It was quick & easy. Except the chopping part. Yes I will  try to make this at home, the lemon curd perhaps not as we still have a jar from, well the last time I made it was few years ago.

Smooth FM was holding a competition where you take pictures of people. I didn't win with my submission above. People tend to run & hide when I take out the camera, same reaction when I whip out my rifle.

The was an area with bales of hay that did workshops, but we discovered it too late. But this lovely guy gave me a jar with compose, soil, straw (?) and a magical beetroot that grows inside. And you only have to water it every 3 weeks - great as I have killed a succulent before. :P

Our second last place was Gazi where we had Soft Shell Crab Souvlaki with mint, coriander, honey, mayo for $12. This is the biggest thing I ate all day, and most filling. But it was not a case of quantity of quality, for it was delicious! Light & crunchy, the honey mayo complimented the crab perfectly. Don't forget the wet wipes, it's a bit sticky.

This is the first time I've had soft-shelled crab where you could see it, legs... so it was a bit scary but we did it! Not sure if I'd get it again for a while though, as I sorta think crabs are water spiders!    

Stopped by the Dish'd marquee, which should be one of your first stops, but we got distracted. First 50/500 get a free cooler bag, I really don't need one - but I love freebies! The food is better than freezer meals, but I'm not not too fond of it - other than the dessert range. Jas ran off so we didn't get to try the raspberry tart.

 So instead if a picture or a tart, we have potatoes!

 There was a place that did bakery treats, but I wasn't feeling the need for sugar at the time. Surprisingly the only sweet thing we bought was smoked yoghurt, which to me is breakfast, so we didn't really have dessert. - That was the plan.

But then we had some credit left and came across N2 (the original, Nitrogen Lab is the inferior copy) for dessert. 

 Vanilla & Honeycomb ice cream with a caramel syringe $8. 
It was smaller than normal, promo size at full price was my only issue.
That and the lighting... we struggled to take pictures of this.

On the way out we got free cute mini jars of mustard! And mini tubs of Dish'd's gelato, which I didn't take a picture of. But it was yummy! We got the tiramisu one, which I love - tiramisu that is.

We had a fun time, managed to skip all the lines (5 people in a line isn't really a line) as we ate very early on and then again towards the end. Yes we're going again next year. And also unlike last year we left full this year, and probably ate more, and nothing on my list was sold out so that was great too. Much like the weather that Friday afternoon.

Did you go to the Taste of Melbourne? What was your favourite 'tastes'? 

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