Taste of Melbourne 2014 - Part 1 @ Monday, November 24, 2014

With the end of exams comes the annual 'Taste of Melbourne' signature dishes in ‘taste’ (more like snack) sized portions. This is our second year at the event, not via invite though I'd still love to be invited next year. ;) 

Arriving slightly before the 5.30pm opening on Friday, the line was long - to get in, but flowed quickly very soon after. We already had tickets, just needed to get tokens - because it was down online and they didn't say that ended before the event opens, we didn't buy them online. Good news - by buying offline and at the ticket box you save $10 in two lots of ridiculous fees. 

The grass is yellow, that's not my editing. First stop was by Lurpak's Cookery School to make bookings, we picked the lamb one over prawns because I didn't know if they were peeled & divined or not, and I don't like uncertainty.  

Follow the yellow brick road to Pope Joan. Who's froyo like 'Mr Wilkie' came 1st in the awards and so it was first on my list. Last year some dishes I wanted to try were sold out, we're not letting that happen this year.

Mr Wilkie - Smoked yoghurt soft serve ice cream, freeze dried raspberries & pistachios $6

This was very nice and quite similar to frozen yoghurt (froyo) but not as cold, just cool. It also reminded me, the flavours, or perhaps baby yogurt? Worth $6? Yes. :)

A view from where I was sitting and my +1. I often go to events alone, as le beau is only available for 3/4 of the weekend and I can count all my friends on one hand. Excluding those who work in restaurants and haven't been seen since the restaurant opened. My bff, Lucy Bunny doesn't like to leave the house and doesn't like noisy places or lots of people. 

While I don't like muesli aka hamster bedding, I do like this pringle-like tubes.

Moritz is a brand of beer and it looks like they sponsored the stall for Movida. 

We were hungry (as we saving stomach space that day and I was very busy that day before the event so all I had was some fig yoghurt, brie and milk) and wanted meal food. 

Movida's Pinchitos Morunos which is Flinders Island lamb marinated in Moorish spices & cooked over charcoal at $10 satisfied that need. A piece is very light bread and four blocks/cubes of very flavourous and hot lamb. 

With the heat there was a temptation to get a mocktail from B'Stilla, though it was one delicious drink I've had before and can make myself. The lemon, rosewater & mint lemonade. Which I shall share when I make it.

Check out all that space to people ratio. I love not being mainstream!

We didn't buy cake today. I'd love to see a chiffon cake stall next year.

Next stop was to Mr Claws, new in town and owned by Daniel Wilson of Huxtable and Huxtaburger, which orders their bread from BreadTop - as in they give Breadtop their recipe to create it.

Mr Claws, the Buttermilk Lobster Roll, chunky lobster in a soft roll with buttermilk ranch. At $12 it was tiny - but so yummy! The lobster is from Canada and only the knuckle and claw is used which is the most tender part. The bread was beautiful, both sides fried in butter giving it a lovely crunch/toasted taste. Buttermilk ranch complimented the other elements perfectly, as it was very light and highlighted the freshness and flavours of the lobster.

There was free tea samples from Dilmah, and boxes of tea too. 

Tried some samples, should note to stay away from drinks or bring detol if you must use the scary as hell portaloos. The water feels funny, dirty and slightly greasy.

I do love vanilla!

BBQ Sauces, a stall-full of them. 

Part 2 Coming Up Tomorrow!

Blogger Melody said... on November 24, 2014 9:42 PM  

Oh I'm so jealous!
I really wanted to go to this but was too busy :( and yummm, those lobster rolls <3

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on November 24, 2014 10:52 PM  

Mr Claws has just opened up in Collingwood, they're delicious but so expensive at $16! Hopefully they'll be $12 at the Taste event next year and you can make it. :)

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