Wednesday is always that day where I always have a class on, IT, marketing or if not dance classes that take us for a spin around the studio. So it's rare that I have Wednesday night off, but for three weeks I do, and we're making the most of it, going out every week. Mainly food places, seminars and the Victoria Market Nights hopefully.

So on this special occasion, after my last exam that afternoon we met up with Alice (who's a chef and hence hasn't been seen since last Dec/Jan) for a trip to 'The Beach' opposite South Melbourne Beach at the end of tram no.1. It's a place we've been to a couple times and the food has always been good.

We both had the Wednesday special $14 'Fish & Chips', and Alice added extra calamari for $4. Everything was so big! The battered fish was perfect, the best I've had. The chips were huge, thick cut, bigger than my fingers - but le beau does say I have tiny hands - they were a bit oily. And the salad was just right, unlike Sea Salt's funky salads - funky food is never a good thing.

With calamari.

Will we be back? Yes to try the porterhouse (steak). This place sells $$ pub food which has never failed to please me, however reviews are getting worse and I see why. We had dirty/dusty plates, missing serviettes, and average/no service. No smiles. What ever happened to our great first visit there? The uniform has changed and look like the company that cleans the apartment. But the food is still good. :) We're here just for the food and location.  

The Beach

We collected lots of shells (I like them in the garden and fish tank).

Are they snails? No because they're very hard and empty, also not found in the garden.

One day I shall find a conch shell!

The sunset was lovely, but do you really want to be driving towards it?
Driving off into the sunset, theory meets practice.

A lone seagull.

I wonder what these are for?

There was a green flashing light at the end of the dock! Just like in Gatsby. 

I love this picture, the angle, shadows and beautiful sky.

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When was the last time you went to the beach?

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