The Calm After Exams @ Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tuesday 11th November

Why is everyone leaving?! I'm not used to people leaving because it's always me that moves quickly. Mr Events has left. :( We always looked forwards to dropping by to say hi - yes I do that, no no one else does that. He was my favourite events lecturer, and I remember seeing him on orientation, even though I didn't speak to him. :P

Work finished at 3pm so we had time to stop by the op shop that's never open when I'm around. :P Glitter thingys for $1, they also had a good range of tapestries, cross stitches and the likes.


The day of the exam! Several mindmaps were created. Our chill out zone was taken away, as the election people have rented the space. :( The exam was ok, I only got the first half. We were given twice the amount of stuff on it to study. 

After the exam we had dinner with Alice, at 'The Beach'. Reviews are getting worse and I see why. Dirty/dusty plates, missing serviettes, average/no service. No smiles. What ever happened to our great first visit there? The uniform has changed and look like the company that cleans the apartment. But the food is still good. :) 

We both had the Wednesday special $14 'Fish & Chips', and Alice added extra calamari for $4. Everything was so big! The fish was perfect, the best I've had. The chips were huge, thick cut, bigger than my fingers - but le beau does say I have tiny hands - though a bit oily. And the salad was just right, Sea Salt's salads are funky - not a good thing. 

Oh and should note they don't do take-away and are normally an expensive place for a pub/bar. Even if they do have live music. 

After dinner we went for a walk along the beach, something I haven't done in years as I haven't been to the beach since 2011 (being stationed on the beach for work doesn't count). We found a hat-full of shells and walked along the dock. There was a green light at the end! Jas tells me all docks have that... The lights were lovely from there.


Crazy tired I've been crashing often this week. Today at work we're renovating, well I did try to help, but we find how I help is by staying out of the way and not touching anything.

So instead I went around to six shops to get quotes on printing (it didn't occur to me OW would say no). We printed 5 pages for $5 in the end - so $$$ because we had to use our special paper that was easy to tear. Also bought glue and gold foil paper, which we went to three stores for. 

Stopped at the shops for a lucky dip on the way home. Mother won a lipstick but wasn't happy because it wasn't the colour she wanted. I'd be happy to win a year's worth of cat food - and I'm allergic to cats. 

Even though exams are over I'm still pretty stressed out, atm it's cause I can't buy tokens for tomorrow's event and am kinka freaking out. Because I can't go if I can't get the tokens!

Today was exhausting as it was so hot and I was out and about, inside a construction site it was noisy and smelt like paint, overwhelmingly so toxic. 


Taste of Melbourne! This year we left full and within budget.


My lens isn't dirty, it was raining.

Tonight's event didn't go so well. Summary was they said it was "drop by anytime" while it was an event where you needed to be there the whole time. Jas says the waitress handled it very well though, while "someone" shot the messager. Problem resolved. Satisfaction, tick.

So we went around the corner for drinks at Gazi and had some delicious souvlakis!

Desserts Under the Glowing Lights - Not from Gazi

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