Chokolait at The Emporium @ Sunday, December 14, 2014

Prompted by a group buy deal we finally made a booking to have brunch at the Emporium branch of Chokolait. The original location which as far I know is still there, is in an Arcade on Little Collins, and has an underground feel. Not somewhere you'd take a date, for atmosphere, Koko Black in the Royal Arcade would be a better choice. 

 The only thing that has changed is the location, but they still have the same menu & staff.

Chokolait is known for their famous pavlova, which is now $13 a slice. Though hopefully just at this location, because that pavlova is very good, and actually serves two, it tastes bigger than it looks. Last time we visited Chokolait it was $10.

Our deal was for two drinks, a platter to share and box of chocolates to take home for $30.

Iced Chocolate $7.50
Milk Hot Chocolate $6.30

Fernando (my spell & grammar checker) had the hot chocolate which was very chocolaty that he loved. I've tried it before so had the iced chocolate. 66% of 2/3 of it was nice - but the last 33% was gritty as the chocolate wasn't fully melted before they iced it - that and I hate ice chips! They hurt my teeth. It's better to freeze the milk.

Four Chocolates + Brownie + Mousse + Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

The platter was very rich & decedent, the vanilla bean ice cream was perfect company for the moist brownie (much better than Lindt). Creamy mousse and chocolate filled my chocolate needs for the rest of the week, and it's only Monday. Of the four chocolates I enjoyed the rum ball and tiramisu the most.

*click to enlarge*

Will we back? Unlikely, as I prefer Max Brenner for white hot chocolate and Lindt for milk. But if I'm crazy about the pavlova I'll return, though hesitant at $13 a slice. It was $10 the first time we went here a few years ago.

The take-home chocolates I didn't like because they all had liquor in them... alcohol burns for me, I may have an intolerance for alcohol. What if the chocolates were for kids? We should have had an option for liquor or not.

What's your favourite chocolate cafe?

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