Exploring IKEA Richmond @ Friday, December 19, 2014

IKEA Richmond

I do like the lighting & canopy-ish thing.

Small spaces perhaps not.

Dark walls make a room seem bigger I read.

Presents under the bench, ready to be posted?

Look at that amazing tub... Advantage of being little is that I can fit both my knees and shoulders in there. But in this bathroom it's compensating the shower, which is just a corner with a curtain, no glass or floor/base part.

In between the bathroom and bedroom is the amazing wardrobe mini-room.

This room has such a Neverland/Swedish/Somewhere cold but not Canada look. :P

I was after this lantern, but forgot...

I like the idea of a small compact room, but no. Maybe it's the colours/textures?

This is more like it, dark bold colours and the magic mirror.

I'd like to get that mirror but a floor-ceiling sized version.
What do you think of chandeliers? I like it but not there.
Mosquito nets are great in summer, but 8 legged bugs do get in...

Think you can live in 55m2?

Did someone move the chair?

Is that what they call a man cave?

Colours are nice, and that Elmer couch.

Modern kitchens I love.

Not sure about the outdoors, as I don't go outside much.

Cookie Cutters! But not the house cutter I'm after.

Don't these look familiar? Kikki-K stocks the bowls.

The shelf is the base and everything else is an ad-on. Doors and drawers.

Brooklyn inspires? Looks like something from RENT. With the different textures and wall.

Something for a big family.

I like this seat, but it's bad for your back. It's a mini bed for me, with my size.

Wardrobes! You can customize them. A great investment.

Another lantern!

Outdoor living. Which part is $300? 

Oh how I wished I lived here, or had a warehouse to have a beautiful set in. Though a few sets I found crowded. Also I discovered I'm claustrophobic! I felt smothered and like there was less air in there. The target market and marketing segment of each Ikea is different, this Ikea is in Richmond close to the city and therefore has them in mind. Small spaces. How two live 2 adults + 1 child in 55/25m2. Compact apartment living. For your single person there's so many amazing options, for compact spaces. I found one le beau would love as his 'man cave'. 

As an American I think I still have the American dream, which doesn't include living in a compact/tiny apartment. If we're going to live in the city I'd like a large apartment like in Ringer (2011). I'd also love in walk-in-wardrobe and bathtub.

I wonder what Swedish design is like. Other than very light/pale colour. I picture big open planned spaces, lots of natural elements inside and snow. Also hot tubs. But no where do I see compact/tiny living spaces, like in a pod, that's more of a Japanese thing. 

The top floor was the showroom and downstairs the warehouse, or market. With lots of bit and pieces to complete your house/home. Before you get to the actually warehouse, where forklifts are required.

In theory flat-pack furniture and DIY sounds fun, though will be hilarious and you're almost done and missing one tiny screw. :P

Gingerbread house base $5. Candy not included.

Serving suggestion.

And here's where you can get the candy, the planning stage is going to take a while. 

The checkout was quite a long wait, one line open for cash and the others self-serve with a hand-held scanner (think old fashioned wedding register) and credit cards only. 

On the other side of the checkout was the food store and a take-away cafe. Where we picked up a few things. They have a self-serve pay $2-ish per 100g place which I have never seen in Australia! Ok I saw it once at the movies, but it was $$ and the variety wasn't my style. I picked mainly chocolates and things unfamiliar staying away from all things gummy.

Dark chocolate 60% cacao content (CHOKLAD MÖRK$1

Gingerbread hearts & stars (PEPPARKAKA FIGURER$2 A traditional Swedish Christmas cookie. Decorate with icing or candy and hang it in the Christmas tree or window.

Christmas marshmallow candy (GODIS SNÖGUBBE$1.30 Marshmallow snowmen with vanilla flavour. I picked a marshmellow in the pick-and-mix selection area and didn't like it. Too firm, less sweet and fluffy than the American ones. "Swedish skum (marshmallow) is not the same as American skum as it is less sweet and fluffy and just not as tasty".

Any guesses what I'm making? 

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