Lentil As Anything - Footscray @ Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunday afternoon we went to dinner at Lentils in Footscray, after getting lost - don't take shortcuts! It was like on the main street just a short walk from the station. When looking it up on google maps use the car route not walking, because that takes you through lane.

While I like that quote 'all men are created equal, but some more than others' comes to mind. It's a theory thing, not practice, but it is still nice, the idea of it. 

This is the place from the outside, we didn't have time to get a picture from across the street.

It's a self-serve system, where you well, serve yourself and pick a table.
There's a info page that I got a picture of last time, best to pay $15-20.

Checking out the lighting and deco. 

Everything is vegetarian or vegan. Clearly marked. 

There was a spicy corn soup, too spicy for me. Some sort of lentil thing that was bland, and pumpkin on toast was nice - very nice. It was called pumpkin curry but I'm not sure about that. 

Canned mango yoghurt dessert.

Dinner? No, more of an entree. Father came with me and he didn't approve of the place and refused to dine here because he said poor people eat here and he doesn't like the area or the people who live there. That and he didn't feel safe in the area - I'd like to point out that I travel here a couple/few times every week, and a teacher from school was killed when he was pushed and hit his head in the area (they were after his phone). Also just the other week someone got himself killed at the station, got hit by the train.

While I'd rate Lentils as just ok, I would give it a 4th go.
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