One Week & One Event @ Sunday, December 07, 2014

Tuesday 25th November


The biannual shopping VIP day at Melb Central started at 8am with a Treasure Hunt.

Bought a Cupcake! It was a red velvet cupcake in cream cheese gelato. Delicious!

Did a nail workshop, skills rather than getting your nails done.

We ran out of time to go shopping sadly.

Back to the apartment where we responded to emails and made calls. But before that Starbucks had their Christmas Launch Day which meant free samples, and one free regular sized drink. Three options from their Christmas menu, the sugar cookie was very yummy! We also got 50% off cards for our next purchase. :)

We were meant to hit round two of the shops, but jas was too tired so we went for a walk instead, and he gave me the cheese & ice cream from Sunday.


Someone thought she knew where we were going. We ended up in the fields of Croydon North where there were wide open spaces and potentially horses. Then we turned around and found ourselves at Ringwood, once again missing Bayswater. Finally she agreed to use the gps, which glitched and refused to work. 

I missed my class because we got lost. 

But then by chance we went shopping and I bought some nail stuff for $1 each, envelops also $1 and a $2 yankee sampler candle! That's pretty much the same price back home. They had jars too, the small $5 ones. I love Hallmark on sale! We also got a $20 vou with a $50 spend, a balloon for bunny, and some beautiful earrings that used to be at Myer. DFO's are a great place to shop!

Mail from Mabel

It looks better in grey, don't you think? 

There was some drama over going to a concert. So I went (it was unplanned) to Beethoven's Erotica. The first contemporary piece I didn't like, it wasn't pretty. I was a bit meh about the violin concerta, but enjoyed Erotica, as much as the great view! As we got the most $$$ tickets (which were an anniversary gift to someone who was ungrateful, and prefers the comfort of watching it on youtube and points out if it's not free they're not interested, even if it's a gift).


A day spent with le beau & co, putting up the fresh pine tree and decorating it to the annually changing theme. Adrian burnt the gingerbread cookies, so he bought some instead and they were great. I had lunch with them, Helen & Adrian (our lovely hosts as always) made homemade french fries and DIY solvalakis. 


This fortnight's baking adventures was canceled due to the weather. 35 degrees outside, it didn't seem a good idea to bake a cake. But that pandan chiffon cake will happen! :)

Mexican for Dinner at Maya Tequila Bar & Grill


Two months ago we did a Halloween themed swap, I held off posting about it because I thought she would. We had communication issues, she didn't really respond to emails too much.

This is what I sent her.

And this is what she sent me, our theme was 'things you can't get in your city'.

How cool is this candle?

We found the cool coconut water at 7 Eleven.

At some point we had hot chips, which I love.

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