Relay for Life - Melbourne CBD Edition @ Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I was going to do a full post on this event, but I didn't enough pictures or participate in all the activities required to get a good view of the event, so instead we'll just share pictures.

Relay for Life is a worldwide fundraising event the the Cancer Council (there's one in each state here) that's goes overnight and involves camping, while always having one person in a team on the track (I think, or assume so, as there's a baton involved). This edition/location was unique as you normally can't go camping in a park/garden in the city, so that was pretty cool. 

Caulfield Drum Corps. these kids were great!

Opening on Saturday

 A Rose for Survivors - Chobani Yoghurt - Fight back Hour Fruit Stand

This is Rod Lara, he's a fantastic physical comedic actor. 

He makes balloon animals, or in this case, flowers.

He even dances! Check out Rod's instagram for the video.

There's lots of fun activities and things going on, like origami workshops. 

Teams are also doing fun things to fundraise, like the Girl Scouts had a candy lottery where you pick a lollipop and the colour of the stick indicates how much you need to pay $0-$2. 

Other teams did bake sales! I love bake sales!

We had a Cherry Ripe Slice (coconut ice + choc) $1 White Choc Cranberry Scone $1 and a Slice: Blueberry, mango, yoghurt, strawberry, nutrimeal slice $2.50. Simple but very yummy. That's not flash, that's phone lighting inside a marquee that had two lanterns. 

There were lots of good performers, including Dekdrum

Jason with Red Tie Magic's POI Lights were amazing!

Two sticks of light spun in a circle created these pictures. 

At night everyone made these candles (real) in bags for those who survived or were lost. Real fire also meant quite a few burnt the bag they were in. That's if they didn't drown from the sprinkles. The sprinklers went off in the area including at the stage and seating area. Perhaps this is a good time to buy gum boots. 

Unfortunately on the second day it rained, and so the event wasn't as it should have been. No one wanted to go outside. And so yoga, zumba, a hoola hoop lady, magician and laughter workshop didn't really happen. But there was a flower crown workshop, which was fun. Catered for 15 but they got 3-4 people involved, there was three others but we'd already packed up by then.

Have you heard of 'Relay for Life'? 

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