Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Moments so Dear
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

How Do You Measure - Measure A Year?
In Daylights - In Sunsets
In Midnight - In Cups Of Coffee
In Inches - In Miles
In Laughter - In Strife

In - Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes
How Do You Measure, A Year In The Life?

What about love?

With 525,600 moments how do you remember everything? For me this was one of the reasons I started the blog, not only to share my adventures with you, of which I do a lot of as I'm discovered everything for the first time as I lived a very sheltered life, and never went out. I even used to stick to only a handful of coffee/dinner places between my Friday Night classes, yes I take classes on Friday Nights, or rather used to, for a year. My memory is not the best, while I do remember bits and pieces I don't remember everything. And so here's a review of the past year, in months and then a highlights of 2014 post.

We put on a lock on the lock bridge, the Southbank footbridge. In true Charlie style I stuck on the lock before we wrote our names/date on it... Hence the first picture you see above. The date is when he will formally ask me to marry him again, as he causally did it last time as more of an impression of interest, that was in Jan 2013. Sky writing perhaps is what I'm hoping for, though perhaps that's a bit much. As long as he doesn't ask me in public or in front of anyone it should be fine. It should still be a surprise though, perhaps with a string quartz and involving a waltz.

This was my favourite candle of 2014, Coconut & Lime smells like sunny and happy warm picnic days, weekends that le beau has off. It's by Aacute, and I'm hoping to get the Cinnamon Buns one too. Is it better than Glasshouse? I'm not sure, as while I do have a GH Candle I have never used it. To select this scent I went to the warehouse and smelt many different scents to finally pick this one, with Cinnamon Buns coming in second.

The bridge in the background in the bridge with the locks.

We spent the summer together, hunting down pianos and playing duets. These were scattered across the city, and we played each one. His favourite was the one in the Arts Center Carpark with a basement 'Phantom of the Opera' feel, and mine in terms of location was the one on Southbank Footbridge, where we played Moonlight Sonata (him) and Clair de Lune (me) in the moonlight one mid-summer's night. This is one of our most memorable summers together.

This picture was taken on the way to work one day, as you know I freelance and so each week almost is different. This was MS's Colour Run, on a very hot summer day, though we finish by noon so it's not too bad. But on this occasion I got sun burnt! I have never been burned before and so had no idea what was wrong, an allergic reaction maybe? Well it hurt for days and I burnt both arms! But we did discover beautiful scenes in the Docklands, where I have never ventured before. 

A boy asked me out! Well sort of... I didn't see him, or perhaps didn't notice him. He asked me out through the newspaper! I'm absolutely delighted and horrified someone noticed I existed at the same time! Le beau was very amused and said I should be flattered. What's the chance someone will post about me? And then add the chance that it would be published, and the chance that I would read it. That's a lot of chance! Also the picture above isn't the one, the one I have yet to scan... I'm certain it was me because he heard me speak and knew I was American also he described my outfit and down to the headpiece. 

Not all pictures taken in summer was outdoors :P My craft room desk is in a spot or rather room that doesn't have the best natural lighting, being in the opposite corner. I started working on '52 Reasons Why I Love You' for le beau but never finished it. I'm up to drafting the reasons, writing them on black paper (inside the blue line) and sticking them out with double-sided tape.

I will finish this, this year (2015) and do a tutorial on it too. Complete with measurements as playing cards are a standard size. I like maths (that's how I met my beau) and so I enjoyed this.

Since I didn't have much in Jan I've decided to do Feb in this post too.

Working in St Kilda I discovered some beautiful cake shops. I wouldn't eat here but it looks amazing, something from a German Village, with cobble stone ground and a fountain in the middle of a village square. Why wouldn't I eat here? Do you really think everything in the window is sold out each day and therefore baked fresh daily? God knows how long those things have been there, and they're not display only things. There was also cream cakes in the window, no refrigeration. 

It's wedding season and this was the first wedding venue we looked at. It's a bit on the small side, not for us, but if we ever have a medieval ball this is the place. We'd cover the walls with dark red drapes, switch chandeliers, add stone-looking carpet. It would be perfect for knights and the court.

V'Day was on a Friday, roses were expensive. As we don't celebrate or approve of it we didn't do anything. But someone did give me a rose though it wasn't le beau, he got me cake. :P

On V'Day we went to Supergraph, and by went I mean I was working there. My job was to make sure no one would touch the art and tell people about the art. Sometimes I hate my job. I could have been replaced by a sign! If I had the materials I would have made a sign...

This piece of art was a series. A writing desk with the top on a slant and a set of draws. Each containing a diorama of sea life and some info. If I ever become a teacher I'd love to create something like that.

There was drawing tables (for adults) as I do believe it was an 18+ event, and someone made this, isn't it simple but also amazing? We have colouring in paper, scissors and lots of paper and textures, also glue.

This was my creation. It's suppose to be Madeline, but we didn't have another blue.

On V'Day weekend we went to LuxBite and had what was predominately cake and white chocolate mouse. Other than the arty crafty side of V'Day I love all the special cakes, treats and desserts, and also the after V'Day sale of chocolates. One day I've love to attend a Regency Ball on V'Day.

Before the discovery of my new favourite Indian place just a couple blocks away from the apartment, Red Pepper was my favourite, though the butter chicken was a bit too hot for me. We had lunch there one last time, and haven't been back since.

Sadly one of my favourite tv shows was canceled that February, 'The Paradise'. Lovely costumes and crazy clean streets for that time and place, though it wasn't set in London up further up. I loved Denise and her transformation but it was sad that while she achieved great things things were heading in the opposite direct for her lover Morray. Though they both seemed to live happily ever after, with the final scene ending with a lovely soundtrack, tiled 'The Final Kiss' as it truly was - the show was canceled. 

But I'm curious what happened to Clara's daughter? The one she had with Morray, I don't think he knows. And how convenient that it vanishes after one episode and is never mentioned again. Also Pauline vanished after the first season. I didn't like Catherine's ending, while she is the antagonist surely she should have a happy ending too?

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