March 2014 @ Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We had a trip to Geelong for work, failed to sell anything. It was a very hot day. But I did discovery fairy doors and all the lovely props that go with it. I regret not buying it that day as the vendor doesn't sell online sadly, and le beau hasn't had any luck finding her.

Another day we worked at the Flower & Garden Show, this time we did sell stuff - or at least I think we did. Can't recall, but we did talk to a lot of people. Also we came across stunning fields of tulips and a beautiful bed of flowers. I know where I want to be buried when I die. :P

Our first visit to Ripponlea for Wedding Open Day, nope this isn't the one. In theory we went to get married at a place with history, one that we can revisit, and not a hotel. Though a hotel can be more customized. I'd love to get married in the gardens - but what if it rains? Plan b is almost never as good. And we're applying Murphy's Law to our wedding.

I did work almost every weekend in March I think. At the time this was my highest involvement role that started at 5am on a teeth chattering cold beach. As always we were finished by noon (well our area finished 10am-ish/10.30) and everyone went home to sleep. This picture was one of the best taken at work, while actually working. The lighting, scene and trees look like something in LA or somewhere always warm & sunny. As I wasn't driving I don't know where we are, but we did start at a beach where we could see the ship that docks at South Melb Beach.

Funny how our last picture also had a map in it. :P We did or rather started the 'Amazing Race' I hated it. It was gross. And I'm not fit. It was so gross and the other girls agreed as we washed our hands and arms. So the gross part was a boxing class at Banana Alley, everyone used the same gloves, it was wet with sweat. It was so gross! F**k this sh*t I quit was my response. Doing the amazing race would be a great way to end a marriage. :P It's absolutely nothing like our annual scavenger hunts across the city where we collect (buy) stuff, take picture of other stuff and answer questions. This is a full-on one, like on tv but with no sharks. You also need to be very fit like Hector to do it.

On the same day we went for dumplings, after I stopped by the apartment for a shower first. We got there a bit before 4.30pm when they open and still there was a line, are their dumplings that good? Yes! A thin skin surrounds a delicious piece of mince chicken prawn. Worth lining up form but not too long. Also they don't do phone, pick up and pay orders - I checked. This place has been around for years, and still everyday I see long lines.

Bounce Inc. in Blackburn opened and we went to their launch/opening night! Jas had a lot more fun than I did - as I'm scared of heights. But I love the idea of trampoline world, there's a run hop skip jump thing too, but I was too scared to jump... There as also basketball, which I liked. I got the ball in! Jas didn't... above is dodge ball, where I didn't get hit.

A months of first we had out first visit to B&P, we bought tubes but somehow I forgot to buy the chocolate bars pictured above... each visit we always get tubes/slices but not so much things to take home. Next time I'm hoping to get a gift set for myself.

I finally did it! After looking up lots of these crayon melts on google images I made one! Most tutorials said covered the bathtub with newspaper and get a hair dryer. But when you live in Australia all you need is the summer sun. I left this outside and all the crayons melted, sadly the contact paper wasn't strong enough so we didn't get a perfect heart. Next time we'll use washi paper.

In an auction I won tickets for a tour at Krispy Kreme far far away. I have never been on a cool factory tour before. I've been on one tour at the Slaughter House - yes you read that correctly, and I no longer eat pork, not since I was 11/12. Oh and I may be a touch sadistic and lack emotions. I enjoy the pain and suffering of others. But not the bombings, or attacks from a certain religious group. Anyway the tour was very cool! And we got to have a turn dipping the doughnuts into the chocolate and then tray of sprinkles. They don't normally do tours, and so this would be a great date, an exclusive tour.

We went to see 'Populaire' a French Film set in the 50s aka Mad Men era, and I loved it! Downloaded a few songs and saw the movie a couple times. I really struggle with languages, but will try to learn French again, it's such a beautiful language, though I do believe Paris is overrated.

We found the perfect wedding present for me! A huge floor to ceiling ornate mirror in the dressing room, Evil Queen Style! At night I'd cover it up, not too fond of reflective surfaces...

We rarely go to circus as it's expensive and how long after will I remember the experience for? But I do really like it! We got tickets to see, something starting with 'S' they were a group from NYC touring the world. It was quite a spectacular show!

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