April 2014 @ Wednesday, January 14, 2015

April was the month of comedy and we saw 5-6 shows.

The best show we saw was physical comedy by 'Trash Test Dummies'.

Sadly Lincraft in the city closed down, as the building was closing down. So now all we have it Riot Art and Clergs which is very very very expensive. And that's how I spent $450-ish in a fortnight in all things arty & crafty. I forgot the canvases though...

In the building next to Lincraft is the tea rooms, another place I want to go to, but never have because of the long lines (not if you go early) and the question of how long ago was everything made. But it shall happen in 2015.

We went on a quick visit to Old Melbourne Goal, a tourist place I've never been.
Tall & Thin doors, doing the crab walk with my bag I can't get into the room!
This place is one unique place to get married! The death of bachelorhood. :P

I made a book box! Ok that's no true, I mainly painted and stuck down the golden sides which is one long strip of cardboard. It was pretty cool. This was at the library, which I don't spend much time at as the apartment is a block away. But they have a cafe here and I want to eat here in 2015. Also they have a piano and le beau was drawn to it and gave a recital. :)

One of funnest events I work at, at first it's lame but it grows on you. A job where I get to dress up is awesome (though I didn't apply/get the role of the housemaid) at this event we got to be pirates! Lots of black, corsets, feathers and strings of pearls and gold.

I've always wanted to do papercut outs like this but didn't know how. But we went to a fun workshop where we learnt how to do it, so much effort involved and sadly it required lots of energy and was no where as fun as I thought, you're dragging a knife and it's hard.

Same workshop, looking back I think this was the most stressful thing of this year, more than when I'm told that I may never be able to drive because of my condition (I was hurt badly at work last year and in a way it has ruined my life, I am considered disabled and an invalid). We made a pizza box, with le beau and our math brains this would be fun. But no, our instructors was a real go with the flow artist type. We traced the triangles but just cut out long bits of paper for the sides tracing the ruler. Not cool my templates and perfectness.

That is my picture, but taken in the wrong mode so I had to use a converter. In April the Emporium Opened, a new shopping center. It followed H&M and Zara, but was before Superglue/dry and TopShop. I don't shop at any of those shops. So it doesn't make that much of a difference to me. That and we had a traumatic experience there, and I wasn't invited to any events there.

Moving onto nicer things this cube of Yuzu Cheesecake was amazing! It was expensive for the size, but so nice... Much like the Teriyaki Chicken here at Purple Peanuts, but I heard that has changed since the head chef left to start/be in a band.

We saw Frozen, I like it but don't love it. Rapunzel was better. Everyone else loves it though, also I don't understand why Elsa is so much more popular than Anna (Ona) in that she's no hero. She's just the one with the main song and pretty dress. The movie should be called 'Let it Go' :P le beau got me to see it after he sent me a video mash-up of let it go and winter of the four seasons.

Together we also saw 'My Neighbour Toroto' which I enjoyed.

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