May 2014 @ Thursday, January 15, 2015

In May we worked at the Mother's Day Classic, where some amazing person got Hammer & Tong to sponsor this amazing fancy breakfast thing, with lavender yoghurt custard, strawberry & pineapple gel, berries, lychee and basil cress.

We went to a crafty high tea set on the porch, where we ate lots of sweet things, great chicken sandwiches, drank lemonade and made pompom trees, origami cranes and string bracelet which failed for me. It was pretty cool, not that my companion would have noticed as she spent most of the time there texting to her bf of the month. The problem of having a modern teenager friend.

I had my work published in a magazine! The first was on gay marriage, and second cheesecake. The recipe was hard to understand, didn't have enough detail and poorly written, it's a miracle that she passed yr12. Fortunately I got the draft and the editor made it all better.

This was my major events project where we had to pick something to sell, a car launch, something I forget or an opening of a aqua center. I, on my own designed the building, the theme, entertainment, program and well everything. Except the budget (we had 10k) shopping around for prices and stuff. "Don't sweat the small stuff" he said, hard to when the idiot in charge of logistics ordered 100 chair for a 10,000 people event. Sadly I never finished adding a inflatable adventure course in the pool, as due to the size of my building and all the details it makes everything lag. But the event was amazing! Neverland Theme, we start off with the scene in the nursery and it takes us on an adventure. And we even have a hallway with a smoke machine for the flying part. Mr Events said that was my best work yet. 

In a collaboration with Natvia & Cupcake Central we got to decorate cupcakes!

We went to Thai & Bollywood Night to experience desserts in a collaboration between N2 Gelato & LuxBite. Long lines expected. Most of the time was spent lining up...

We went to the Better Homes & Gardens Show. It was traumatic. But we did make a pompom and necklace, which later on lend me to purchasing some jewelry pliers to fix my own.

In a workshop we made preserves. The beetroot was delicious and perfect with any savory dish. The cucumber meanwhile, almost 7.5 months later is still in the fridge...

We went to see the advance screening of 'The Fault in Our Stars' where Lily cried and I fell asleep - I was tired. I did go see it again later and really liked it. But I didn't cry, nor feel much.

Through menulog we discovered another location Indian place I like, one near the apartment (walking distance) and one for the house on the hill where we reside not during semester.

Late one night I saw 'High Society' with Grace Kelly, Loius Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Why is everyone orange? Grace is stunning! This was her last movie before she became princess which was followed by a untimely demise via heat attack while driving. 

A visit to Sea Salt - they do the best chips, as in big chips. It taste great even though it has been deep fried. Being a fish & chip shop it's much cheaper in terms of quantity, though the $4 serve serves at least 3-4 people. Their salads however remain funky.

I got tickets to the opening night and after party for the St Kilda Short Film Festival. There was free ice cream, I ate 4 scoops while Emily gave it a few licks and threw it out. Why not just one scoop? Emily doesn't eat and that's why she's rarely invited to events.

Got an awesome pizza necklace from Tiny Hands! It smells like bacon though so this one's for Alice, who loves pork. Same animal.

Also received a box of toys, I would have loved that bakery set when I was little. But it would entertain me for 15mins max these days, and so I sent this set to Hector who has kids.

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