June 2014 @ Friday, January 16, 2015

In June we had tea at the Old Hilton. It was average and very disappointing, unlike this stunning 'something blue' necklace. My dress isn't going to be white btw, we're over white dresses. I worked at the tea event last year and the grass was greener on the other side, that and I shall never be a slave again. It's difficult to remember that you can get up and leave at any time.

We bought another tiara, not sure which cosplay this one fits with yet.

June was winter and the QV there was a summer themed pop-up, we did a cupcake decorating workshop with 'The Cupcake Family' which was fun as I rarely work with fondant. Also 6.5mths later I still have the fondant. :P

We went to Comic-Con, bought pretty things and saw Emma!

Bought these awesome cufflinks for le beau.

My favourite phone is a flip phone, though sadly we had to get a smart phone to keep up to date with work... that and I need to work on my social media skills.

With the phone came instagram!

We went to a blogger event in Williamstown, a handmade market which I really enjoyed.

We bought glitter tape!

Near work there's a cafe that has rainbow cake!
All the layers taste the same...

We went to a breakfast event, that's a first not being a morning person.

Etsy Meet-Up!

We made a sponge cake that failed as it turned out flat.
But the strawberries & cream was great!

I discovered a shop that sells Japanese Candy opposite the dance studio.
Haven't bought them yet as I forgot to tell le beau he's getting half. :P

We went to the bridal show, I think I'm starting to get over this whole bridal industry.
Why do you need this production? Why can't we just get married at town hall?
Is all this really for us or just to show off and be like "mine's bigger/better than yours"?
It's consumerism, you see celebs with glamour weddings and you want one too.

Another week we went to the annual 'Good Food & Wine Show'.
We made these cheesy dessert pastries with Sammy & Bella.

At home I made ChaTime's Coconut Milk Tea, a rare treat.
Did you know that pretty much half that drink is coconut milk?

We saw some amazing shows as part of the 'American Songbook Festival'. Liz & Anne were great, Anne wrote & sings the theme to the show 'The Nanny', and Liz is the singing Anastasia in the fox movie.

Brunch at The Stables. Six months later I recall one of the guys there was friendly, and the manager doesn't like me - we've never met before btw. But some people you meet you might feel instantly repealed from.

We went to see 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' which was pretty cool.

We went on a food tour of Footscray and got Canolis after.
Three years in the area and I have still to eat African food.

Another movie we saw in June was 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.

Late night dinners on a weeknight are a challenge to be healthy in the city.
There's all your fast food and then there's sushi at Safeway.

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