July 2014 @ Saturday, January 17, 2015

In July we made cupcakes to celebrate finally getting around to changing the url.

Picked a url that matches my username, and blog. :P

We also got on instagram, because work wants me to practice social media skills. 

Open House Weekend. One day we shall see the Flinders Ballroom!

Pancake parlour signs, in a pretty cool hallway. 

Paper Creations by Christina Re

At the Emporium there was a Magnum Pop-Up Bar. $9 Customs
Pick your coat, 3 toppings and drizzle.

Also bought shoes, my third pair of the same style. :P

It was George's Birthday!

Jas lined up for 40mins to get us into a crafty event. Then there was a second line to order food and then add another 30mins to get that food. That's a lot of waiting. I hate waiting. 

We made lychee jelly! I love anything lychee. But it's really bad for you... 

There was a grand-ish reopening of Olympic Doughnuts at Footscray Station, after they moved from their caravan to a block of cement like structure. I was around for 3yrs before I ate here. 

First and last time in the school cafeteria. Mediocre food at city prices.
Average. I missed nothing by never eating at school.

We went to a ramen place, and they have the most amazing entrees! We had spring rolls with cheese and peas, and karrage deep fried chicken which was delicious! We'll be back just for the entrees.

Jimmy Grants at the Emporium, Solvakias are delicious here though less variety and smaller than at Gazi. Hellenic Republic is on my list though on the other side of the city, though we did go there for a birthday this year. 

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