August 2014 @ Sunday, January 18, 2015

How amazing is this view? It's another something I discovered after 3 years. 

There's a duck pond and an amazing area for a photo shoot in the park where no one goes. 

We saw 100 Foot Journey, French x Indian Fusion Food Journey. 

Best wedding opening day we went to, where we got to sample the caterers's selections.
Also discovered someone I was maybe going to be friends with potentially got married.

At the open day there was this amazing lemonade with rose water!
I got the recipe for it and made of had too much, aching gums was the result.

We danced rock n' roll at GreazeFeast and he took lots of pictures of cars. 

We saw 'The Help' which I really liked. We love a trip through time!
The South (where I've never been) and the costumes of course. :P

Went to an event at Chadstone and had the best cupcakes I've ever had!

A wedding is a project, and under 'project management' to make wedding planning more manly. :P We went to an amazing wedding planning workshop, my only thing was that we didn't get a usb with everything on it and everything was done paper. 

The workshop was fully catered by Lucky Penny, all the food was great!

Nearby there was a french dessert cafe that does these macarons like LuxBite.

Another workshop, buttonholes, where we got an allergic reaction to plants and nature...

Custard in Eggs! This should be next to the market post.

One of my best flower pictures.

Fashion Week Showbag - Mimco Game that's Rigged 
Melb Central Biannual Treasure Hunt

Event at the Emporium featuring Zumbo's Salted Caramel Macarons, Charlie Bucket's Meringues and Peter Froost's Icy Poles (the last one's a guess). Also featuring a $300+ clutch I like but is too small to fit anything. 

I believe this was the worse customer experience of the year. You do not bitch about the customer when they're there. This contributes to why we rarely ever eat asian food other than Japanese. Asians are known for bad/no service, and you can see why. 

We went to a market where we got to use monopoly money! Ticking that off the bucket list.
Bought a couple pendents, fabric (2) and a kimono, my first.

A new Avon locket from the 80s, going to remove those plastic faux pearls.

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