September 2014 @ Monday, January 19, 2015

I think this is the best picture I took this year I think.

We went to the races, it was over in 2-3mins, well that was disappointing.

It was followed by a visit to B&P, which wasn't much as a disappointment. 

This year we didn't visit Shyun enough, one of my favourite Japanese places. 

I love Forever New though I dont have the err... assets? for this dress. 

We saw 'Lost in Austen' and Bingley is simply adorable! As a actor he looks nothing like above, he's got much darker hair and well isn't the character. 

Too many night were spent having dinner alone at the apartment. 

Beautiful You Expo, I was there for the freebies. :P

I had a styling workshop, where I went shopping irl and not online. I don't like shopping for clothes irl, you need to get changed, try it on and then figure out what size you are in each shop.

Tried sushi near work, it's overrated and $$, but now you can't say I didn't give it a go.

Green Tea Soft Serve!

We went to a mso preview at the Astor Theatre, now on my list of places to go.
It's a huge one screen movie theatre, that's closing down in April 2015.

Taste Testing Event - I Love Deep Fried Chicken!

Another mso event before a Night with Shakespeare Classics. 

If I was a person who hangs out at cafes, this is the place to be out of the city. 

Donuts near school, an occasional treat. Discovered after 3 years.

Jas & I went on a polaroid adventure, and I bought one too! Always wanted one.

Another pop-up at QV. I'd love to have that mirror and vines, at an Enchanted Forrest themed event, party or even a fairytale themed wedding?

One of the best places we dinned at this year was Spitiko, delicious anything but green.

Almost finished my first portfolio in photography.

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