October 2014 @ Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I love tropical fruits, and anything coconut including this ice lolly!
Sadly they only sell in bulk, this one. Mainly found at events. 
Also the price changes, cheapest towards the end.

At a Mexican Festival we started a pinata! Only took me 3mths to finish. :P

Armageddon! I love that Jack Frost Cosplay! And that hoodie is stunning. 

Something new is I'm going to get a picture at each event that does commissions. I prefer portraits over photos, for myself. At Armageddon I met Sydney Glass aka the EQ's Magic Mirror.

The best ice cream is still found at Helados Jauja! At $6-ish a scoop I'm glad we don't live anywhere near there. But that week I had some testing done in the area. Of all the new ice cream places I've only tried N2 and Nitrogen Lab which was less impressive. 

I love this picture...

We went to a frat party set in Brooklyn, that's something new. Loved the milkshakes! 

Interview with a Vampire Musicians, at a stunning location Dumbofeather HQs. 

Halloween is my favourite holidays, and always needs pumpkin pie!

A slower less eventful month than others, due to all the projects due.

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