November 2014 @ Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inspirations if we're designing our own home. I love this hedge and the iron gates.

November I do believe was 'Good Food & Wine Month' and that's why most of the highlights of this month is based around food, plus I don't think we did much after the exams ended.

Finally caught up with Alice, being a chef she never leaves the kitchen. But we had the chance to have fish & chips by the beach. Pretty close to on the beach, but they don't do take-away as I assume most pubs don't? Service is dead, but the food is still good. 

We went for a long romantic walk on the beach watching the sunset after.
Going to the beach is a rare thing for me, especially on a Wednesday.
Wednesday we're always in class, marketing or ballroom.

After the races I bought two new headpieces, which I collect like other girls collect shoes. Also won shoes from Wittiness! I've never won shoes before...

Cream of the Crop was a small dairy expo, where they were lots of samples and end-of-the-day (?) freebies. We got yoghurt, ice cream and feta. I did a feature post on the feta.

Went to an interesting music event, where there was a mermaid in the bathtub!

I love the Taste of Melbourne! We went early and then again late, so lines were minimal. Highlights included Mr Claws, the Buttermilk Lobster Roll, Movida's Pinchitos Morunos which is Flinders Island lamb marinated in Moorish spices & cooked over charcoal and soft-shelled crab souvlaki from Gazi. The crab was a bit scary to eat, but amazing. 

The next night, a cold rainy one we were back for more. But in the form of a visit to Gazi.

T(arts) by LuxBite was Launched. It's still on my to visit list. Motivation to get up early.

We have never ordered pizza from the local shop and did, rarely because pizza is overall bad for you, and because that shop is Crust, where pizza costs $20 each. But this one was tandoori chicken with cashews and more healthy things. 

Another relatively choice, was spring rolls wrapped in a cup of lettuce with marinated carrots. We went to the relaunch of Pho 24 opposite Southern Cross. There'll be future visiting during semester and no one else open late. Also I've never had spring rolls served like this before! 

We took a cooking class, made steak. It was chewy...
I have never actually ordered steak out before so that's still on the list.

While we didn't go to Night Noodle Markets as it was too crowded and a busy time for events, we did stop to take some pictures. One year it'll happen, and we'll be there before they open. Honestly not fond of these food festivals where things cost more than in their restaurant and you spend most of the time lining up.


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