December 2014 @ Thursday, January 22, 2015

December was a month of celebration for most, but of events and lots of shopping for us.

It started with the biannual shopping day festival at Melbourne Central.
My bottom left picture won me a $250 giftcard!

Went to an event with Emma. Consuming nothing but 
smoked salmon and coconut water for two days was interesting.

More salmon! Ikea holds an annual buffet dinner, and we've never eaten here before.

We also explored compact living, and it's not for us. But that mirror sure is!

Gingerbread from Ikea is very good, just like the Christmas Drink (middle).

I've never been to an open-air movie, so here we were at Frozen on the Beach. 

Summer Flavour Exchange - Cookies & Cream + Forest Berries = Favourites

Another favourite is peking duck, though it's $$$ and so we rarely have it.

We went to 1/3 Christmas Parties, eek people are scary! But I bought cake. :)

I destroyed (over melted) and heart... but I did buy the boards for Perler Beads.

After 3yrs we went to Lentils, shall make a bigger effort to try local-to-school places.

We watched Turkish Tudors, purely for costumes. Main girl did very well and was almost queen for her entire time that was in the place, as oppose to Henry 8th and his six wives. These two series were around the same era.

I love this set! Inspiration for a winter wedding!

We went to the carols event, and bought sunscreen.

Created a Christmas Tree, bought and won stuff. 

Saw Annie. Our wedding shall end with a big musical number!

Sesame Soft Serve & Chatime I Really Like, Popcorn Too!

And it looks like we're on a diet lifestyle change, need to loose 10kg by June 2015.

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