First Week of 2015 @ Sunday, January 25, 2015

Its taken us a while to get here with recaps of 2014, but we're finally posting about Jan! Only 3wks behind atm, but there's lots of adventures to read about.  

Tuesday 30th December 2014

LuxBite had 50% Off. Not being a morning person we didn't get there till in the afternoon, waited for about 30mins are got 3/12 treats. Next year we'll be there before it opens. :P 

Housemade Ferrero Rocher - Xmas Ed.
Housemade Nutella, praline cream,. Piedmontese hazelnut

I like it but don't love it, as I'm not really a fan of Ferrero Rocher. But if you love them you'll love this. To me though it's just one overpriced macaron with nutella & cream, and nuts. 

Lolly Bag Cake

As seen on MasterChef: 7 layers cake starts with banana lolly Joconde, freckles crunch, mandarin jaffa ganache, musk mallow, more banana lolly Joconde, spearmint leaf buttercream and topped with a Redskins glaze.

This one's very interesting with all the layers, le beau tells me it's a selection of retro candy bags you often get at kid's parties in the 80s. Benny chomped this one down while I tasted each layer slowly, consuming a layer at a time. It's very good, but expensive. 

Praliné Tart
Milk chocolate, cocoa caramelised hazelnut, banana, chocolate tart

This is the first tart we've tried from T by LuxBite, and while I like it it's too rich for me. It's all about personal preferences though, I'm one who doesn't like dense cakes/brownies and wouldn't pick a chocolate cupcake at a bakery. Benny however likes this one the most.

The macarons were good but some were better than others. :P 

Tuesday 6th January 2015

A meeting, home and crashed. Decided to clean my room tomorrow, and by that I mean send stuff off to storage. Made lemonade and dinner plans for another night. 

My foam flowers arrived! 6 pieces for $1.55. Here's a cheaper one with different colours. 

Also received toadstools 10 pieces for $1. We're making headpieces!


My first trip to the city in 12days, its been a while. Not sure if xmas deco's down yet as I wasn't on Swanston and didn't really pay attention. But does the city smell more when it's humid?

Lunch at Bing Boy and an afternoon of shopping and chilling at the office with a Slushie. It's so nice with only a few people around and new computers and keyboards.

Things we bought, it was almost an outfit, just missing the headpiece, I don't buy shoes as they all hurt my feet, so I have x3 of the same ones. Normal people collect shoes, I collect headpieces. 

We got the Ava Necklace from Sportscraft, a reversible royal blue/bk belt from SABA (can't find stock img) and a dress from Myer. The last I came upon on my way to the station and had 30% off the sale price and I couldn't resist trying it on, in sz 12 (tent), sz 8 (Help! I'm stuck!) and then settling on sz 10.

There was no glitter or sequins but there was lace and it was black. I like black. There's an underlay under the black lace layer, which was slightly disappointing, though otherwise there's very limited occasions to wear that dress. :P

To me it's an everyday dress, as we do wear black at work. More fancy than my LBD which is not so little, though it is a basic dress with no detailing, unlike this one. The material/style/design is a dressier so le beau suggests Wednesdays. :P It's quite a delicate material, though I'm not sure if it'll survive dancing.  

In setting goals my main one is to loose 10kg and that includes snacking less, a food diary and 4.5hrs dancing a week. Part of snacking less involves only going out for dinner once a week, a new place and not MadMex again or random stuff I picked up on the way to the station (mainly BreadTop).

Dinner at Oishii2go

Exploring the Area

Friday 9th

By random chance I found out one of my volunteer positions ended :( because it turns out when your area manager leaves so do you.

How I found out: I was looking up a restaurant near one of our shop locations hence looked up location details which lead to positions available including the one I had. Hoping it's not filled and applying again! 

I've always wondered where sesame seeds come from, turns out it's from a pod that's a fruit?

Today was slightly productivity in that we had a diet review. Between now and Nov14 I've lost 2kg! Only 8-10kg to go. I don't feel any different. Funny how when I think of 1kg I see a bag on sugar/flour but I'm not missing that much. :P

What should we do to celebrate? Nothing. But we had the last cooking class today. A roast was made, we made the veggies and I bought cranberry jelly - which I love but no one else does... Chicken was a bit bland but I like the idea.

Afterwards we went shopping. There's spin the wheel promo, you get a ticket 1/40 chance (2.5%) to spin the wheel, and win a gift voucher somewhere between $20 and $50, and one small chance at $500. I didn't get a picture of the wheel to work out the chances of winning each value. Resets every 15mins, there were people who were there for the whole 4hrs! We were there for three rounds max. 

In between draws we went to Hallmark and bought some lovely necklaces and wrapping paper. They do have cheap paper/gift bags for $1. Next we went to Priceline, this one's a clearence store. There were lip glosses for 1c and you had to buy at least 5, they were very dirty like they lived in a bag of crayons though. We got a 3pk Kinder Surprize Xmas Tree Deco for $1 (last one) and some $2.50 sets which expire in March, though have already started to go dusty. 


Today we finished part of my PhD! Or rather a stepping stone. Pinata check. 
It's so easy once you know what to do and have all the materials. 

Went shopping, loving xmas stock on sale. Home. Sick. Migraine. Died. Rose from the dead. "Made" cooked yummy meatballs that doesn't taste like fake meat. Productivity, limited. But I'm working on a list of things I want to do. 


It was a lovely morning lying in bed, by the window where the white curtains blew in the wind after a 40c degree heat day, the 2nd of the first batch. Productivity 0%. But we did go dancing 30min late, my goal this year is to be there 15min before class. So far not going well. 

I'm definitely social awks when I don't have a task to do. I'm not shy, I just don't know what to talk about. Mother likes to come as my chaperone. Fun. And it's not a school dance where they need parents to be there and make sure the kids aren't drinking/doing drugs/touching each other. Most of the people here are retired or on their way there. How not to make friends - BYO chaperon to show you aren't trusted out in public alone.

Does anyone else have parents who don't trust them in mixed company?
Though I can't say I'm trusted with girls either...  

Blogger Unknown said... on January 25, 2015 12:36 PM  

Gosh you manage to fit a lot into one week. I am still so keen to try Luxbite. I think I would adore the Ferrero Rocher macaron

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on January 25, 2015 7:15 PM  

I only went out three times, excluding my dance classes that week. :P It'll get busier. You should definitely check out LuxBite, they have a tart division too. :)

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