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Thursday 8th January

This week we let Jas pick dinner and so we're going to Oishii2go ($$) which is related to Oishii ($$$) where bentos are $35. While it is uphill it's just a block from Hawthorn Station (train to Glenferrie and then back one stopping all station, if you caught the express from the city). 

Being so close to the station it's an ideal area for take-away places, though Oishii2go does do dine in too, despite the name. It was a Thursday night and business was dead. Other than us there was only one group of four people there, though there were a couple people who ordered take-away. 

Jas had found out about this place from a coworker, and suggested it check it out, something he rarely does because he once suggested a kebab place that was quantity/quality and the Sofia of souvlakis. Two more chances. 

When going out I love getting drinks if they're unique, nothing caught my fancy though Jas ordered a Can of Sapporo $10.50. This is my half of the review because jas doesn't talk very much, and keeps his thoughts to himself it's very hard to get a review out of him.

Potato Salad $7 
Potato, carrot, cucumber & egg in a tangy Japanese Mayo Dressing.

Our started was a salad, the which I failed to consult Jas before ordering, whoops. But the potato part of the salad was very nice with everything finely diced within. Though I expected it to be just potato and mix-ins, it was delivered on a bed of leafy greens, lettuce on a variation, rocket and spinach. I would have preferred lots of potato, but with our healthy eating goal my dietitian would be happy with this. 

Salmon Steak $18.50

Especially as my main, salmon! was pan-fried and served also on a bed of leafy greens - the same as the side salad/entree we ordered. This is a good thing as I really like the salad, it was simple but didn't have those yucky purple not lettuce leaves. There was also half a cherry tomato *curious what happened to the other half, oh wait was that a decoration only?* and parsley - which didn't taste nice. 

But the salad was very fresh and not funky (there is only one place I know that does a funky salad) and most agreeable just like the salmon which was perfect. I love salmon, it's the new chicken! But more expensive... the salmon was plain though with the lemon soy salad dressing there was a good balance of flavours. If it was to served with rice I would make it a teriyaki salmon.   

Beef & Veg Curry $16.50

Meanwhile Jas had a Japanese style beef & veg curry (that's all the description said) and was served in a bowl atop steamed rice, and with a bowl-ish/cup of miso soup. I had a taste and it tastes similar to a lentil/beef curry mother makes. 

Red Bean Mochi & Vanilla Ice Cream $4.50

Dessert wasn't on the menu though was on the board on the wall. There was ice cream and mochi. We got both to share. I've heard of mochi, a  Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, mainly in anime though have never tried it, as it's often found in asian shops packaged and packed full of flavours, colours and preservatives. So I was excited to have mochi!

It's sweet, and chewy though not too chewy. Inside there was a sweet red bean filling. Just the right amount of sweetness. Served with two small (but perfect size to accompany the mochi) scoops of Blue Ribbon ice cream. I like it and would get it again - but hopefully another flavour. 

We enjoyed our experience at Oiishi2Go, service was good our waiter was very friendly and cheerful. Prices were good though more than we normally pay for Japanese, as $25 is normally the max I'd spend on a meal (may or may not include a drink). So I'll be sticking with Shyun, which I prefer. But if you're in the area and after Japanese give Oiishi a go.

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What's your favourite Japanese restaurant? 

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