Week Two. Five Events. Two Movies. @ Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday 12th January

Today we spent traveling to/from a meeting, in a meeting with choc mint milkshakes, crafted something that looks nothing like what I saw on pinterest, and went dancing. Also read a newspaper bought almost a year ago. :P


First day back at work for the year. Compliments mainly on my hat :P It's pirate week! One of the kids is pretty cool, and even though he's like 7-ish you can tell he's an achiever and probably will be a dr or something like that. 

Lunch was Genki Sushi from the food court because Melb Central was too far, vegetarian sushi with veggies and tofu was actually quite good in taste and price at $6.50. I love plain ignari! The omelette one was bland and disappointing though, I thought it would be sweet?

After work we rushed to Brunswick 10 stops away on the train, it's so much further out than I thought! Bought a croissant from Choukette, which I heard is the best in Melbourne, it's next to Savers if you're looking for it. The pastries were in a basket in a glass case and there was a fly in there... that may have affected my review. The croissant was $3.40 and very nice and crunchy unlike the soft fluffy ones at Coles. 

I like it but don't love it, not worth traveling that far out for it, but nothing wrong with it either. Though I did notice at Choukette that it costs $1-ish more for dine in than take-away, different prices for everything. Dislike. The guy at the counter was friendly, so that was nice. The place had a warm retro feel to it, like a place stuck in the past. To me I'd only get take-away. 

Next was an early dinner, or at least that was the intention.

We picked strawberry shortcake, a chiffon/angel cake slices with fresh cream and slices strawberries. Serves 2, I ate too much too fast (starving at the time) and didn't feel so good, but this is a perfect dessert on a picnic for two, with a lake and row boat in the background. 

I've been craving pavlova for a while, though it takes forever to bake and it quite large so that didn't happen. And I didn't want to pay $12 for a slice at Chockolait, so it's been on the wishlist for a while. This one was soft and fluffy, and very eggy scented, but that's the way it's suppose to be. While I enjoyed it, it's more of a occasion cake, than one I love. 

Should mention I was there to buy dinner but didn't bring enough cash (damn cash only place) and didn't feel like crossing the road hence only got dessert. 

Back to the city we discover the best/fastest way to get to and from Brunswick is tram to Elizabeth Street. At Kino we saw Mr. Turner, starting Wormtail. :P The film's an art house genre and explores the last quarter century of the great if eccentric British painter J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851).

My interest in costumes worn off quickly due to lack of fancy ones and I took a nap, and woke up for the credits. I enjoyed the very comfortable seats, while Jas enjoyed the movie which he said was very interesting, unlike me he has actually heard of this guy. Mr Turner dies in the end.

The character mumbles, even as Wormtail and Chruchhill he doesn't speak clearly like Colin Frith for example. Is he always like that? Looked it up on youtube and he speaks normally  though there is a fuzzy undertone. He also looks much cleaner and less characterized than normal, because to me he's one of those characters who looks very difference. 

After the movie we went for a late night snack, and shared butter chicken with naan for him and roti for me. I prefer naan, but we need to loose 10kg. 


So tired from yesterday nothing happened today. But we did go dancing and skype with le beau. Discussions on making friends, not my strong point. So apparently I'm trying to make a friend and it's not happening because he's a bit passive and his wife doesn't seem to like me.


Today we were on time to work. Along the way I was chased by a big black swan! I just want a picture. Guy at work says that might be because I have a huge bunch of feather on my hat. Not sure where the feathers came from as I bought them at a home deco stall. 

Being nocturnal being in room that's dark most of the time is nice, working the movie and playing time keeper. We finished early after lunch as we were overstaffed.

Initially we did plan to go for afternoon tea at St Ali, as this is the closest I've ever worked to that area. But as we had lunch at work we didn't, instead we walked back to the station and got a Black Sesame Creme Caramel, which was nice but nothing amazing. 


I do not like the dentist. But today we discovered a lovely view makes it hurt less - I think. My favourite dentist left (he was promoted) and so we're looking for another one. 

The new one is only a few blocks away from the apartment and the building is stunning! It's got a 1932 design, and amazing view from the specialist floor, where we were today. Sadly I didn't have my camera on me, but next time we'll get pictures! Meanwhile here's some stunning ones from Leanne Cole they are edited btw, and she's their official photographer.  

The 12th floor used to be the penthouse apartment, if money was no object I'd love to live somewhere like this place. With 15 foot high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glazing facing east across the Melbourne city skyline. It faces towards the Paris end of Collins St. 

The location and setting was very nice, with marbled floors, "old-world-charm architecture" and regret of not coming in costume. :P On the first floor as soon as you got out the lift there was an aquarium. And though the floor smells like the dentist even from the lift (there's a long hallway to the waiting room) though they said they normally light candles. The waiting room was full, though I was redirected to the specialist floor, aka the penthouse level!

Up there the waiting room was much smaller and there was no one waiting. A delicious glasshouse candle Tahaa, the same one at Peter Alexander, was burning and filled the room, which from the colour palette has a warm glow and reminded me of 'Midnight in Paris' in the party scenes. Gatsby but set in winter and less breezy curtains and pool parties. 

In the waiting room Mr Bean played on the screen, that episode where he goes to the dentist, injects him with the anesthetic and he gets squished by a pillar or something, while Mr Bean vacuums his coat with the air thingy.

As the dentist was running behind the ladies at reception gave me a free froyo voucher (no min. spend or conditions) for the shop downstairs. They turned off the machine for the day by then though, so we'll be back another day. 

Still with time left we got some shots, though I think I can do better, but first will see how this batch went. 

Back upstairs it was only a short wait before we met the dentist in practical heels, I've never had a dentist that has worn heels before. True story. We did a check, xray and clean. The view was beautiful, the best I've seen. Though that may be because I'm used to see Flinders from the apartment. RMIT has a view up high but I have yet to explore. 

I don't like cleaning as it hurts... but she says I can now actually brush my teeth rather than all the plaque on it. We also went though how to floss, as it's not my strong point.

Afterwards we went to a ribbon star workshop at Myer, 
which was pretty cool as I've never done origami with ribbon before.
I have no idea how making these will end violence...

Dinner was going to be carb & protein from Jimmy Grants but the line was long as always and we were short on time so I did something spontaneous. A delicious salad from Thrive $12, with sweet potato, baby spinach, salmon and an egg. Surprisingly, well not that filling, but it stopped me from snacking till 10pm, and I bought the salad at 6pm and consumed it within the 12mins it took to get to ACMI. Picked-up a menu so I could create these salads at home, as this place super healthy with nothing deep fried. 

Tonight's event was one relaxing one where I wasn't expected to socialize :P six Italian short films from the 50s in a members screening.  L'amore in città (1953)Seven top Italian filmmakers pooled their talents on the omnibus "reality" feature Amore in Citta (Love in the City). The film is divided into six separate episodes. Here's a great summary of the six short films. 

"Italians Stare", written and directed by Alberto Lattuada, illustrates the various "girl-watching" techniques of Italian males. Most entertaining was the creeps watching/following mainly girls with tiny waists, great legs (though they weren't half giant) and no bras. 

But my favourite was the dance hall one (Paradise for Three Hours by Dino Risi), where a girl go no offers (obviously and sadly the one with the glasses), another gets 5 guys, one 3-some happening (MFM) and the chaperon. Guy asks girl to dance, chaperon looks him up and down and decides for her daughter. XD

ACMI Foyer 


The day started musically with a show of 'An orchestral 'whodunnit' starring Frank Woodley
'The Composer is Dead', with text by best-selling children’s author Lemony Snicket. 

"The violin section is divided into the First Violins, who have the trickier parts to play, and the Second Violins, who are more fun at parties." The inspector asks them what they were doing the night of the murder. "We were performing a waltz," said the Violins. "We played graceful melodies so the ladies and gentlemen could spin around and around and around until they felt dizzy and somewhat nauseous. This kept us busy all night." The inspector suspects they murdered the composer for making them play waltzes all night. "Don't be ridiculous," say the Violins, "Violins are the stars of any orchestra. If we killed the composer, we would have to find work at square dances or in romantic restaurants."

It was a very good show that I enjoyed, especially as we like Snicket's style. Here's some info about it. My favourite part was as the inspector listed dead composure's the orchestra plays excepts of each composure's signature. I could identify a few though not almost all like le beau, as he's a music teacher. 5.20 

You can watch the book/audio tape version here but it's nothing like being there in the music hall. Here's a trailer the music in the bg is the 'Hall of the Mountain King' aka Corpse Bride/Halloween/Horror theme.

After the short show (it was designed for kids) we were off to lunch, which was set at Birrarung Marr by the Yarra in an area with lots of dust and sand...

At the Royal Croquet Club, we chose three entrees to share, no meals here, just snacks. Finishing off with dessert we went to Gelato Messina’s International Soup Kitchen.

Afterwards we went shopping, I may have taken a nap while waiting for le beau at DJ. Go Accessories is closing down, it's cheap asian jewelry with an asian approach to following you around the store to make sure you don't steal. Staff are in plain clothes to blend in. I don't feel comfortable shopping here, and it's very expensive low quality stuff.

But as they're closing down most of the stuff is 5 for $10, no you can't buy only one or two things for $2 each. I bought some beads/materials for future projects, a bib necklace to be made into a French Hood, Lotlita style but the colour (they didn't have bk/wine/dark colours), and a lovely fork/knife/teacup necklace.  


Today failed I was too tired to go to work... but we did meet up for hot chocolate with le beau after he went to the Lego Convention, and we went dancing which was lovely. We don't often spend time together and with others, so that was different. 

This week's movie (Friday is normally our movie night because everyone goes out and there so many people out there and I'm little) was Sleepy Hollow, featuring Johnny Depp, Burton and Elfman. With a hot witch who's the evil queen/stepmother, the main girl looking a lot like Sweeney Todd's daughter, and a powerless Dumbledore. Oh and of course the Christopher Walker as the Headless Horseman.

Yes it would. :P

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