St Ali's - Famous Corn Fritters @ Monday, February 16, 2015

We finally visited St Ali the other week for their famous corn fritters.

Located near the city, past the exhibition center, on weekdays there's parking!

St Ali isn't a dinner place, but rather a very popular brunch place with a modern exposed brick warehouse converted into a cafe feel to it. Our area in the CBD and so it's not often we venture out especially as I don't drive. 

Prompted by a giftcard it was the perfect opportunity for a visit. Being a non-conformist and with a dislike to be mainstream (though I'm not a hipster, I just have my own style) I like to visit places when it's quiet rather than at peak times. 

St Ali's known for their coffee and corn fritters, and today we had the later. 
I'm not a coffee person, le beau is but on a weekday like a normal person he's at work. 
It's just me. As usual.

And as usual we like to sit alone, away from others. :P

The view if I was sitting opposite me.

My Mexican Cousin $22.50 #veg #gf
Secret recipe corn fritters w poached eggs, grilled halloumi,
tomato salsa, tomato relish & green salad

The last time I had a fritter was after hockey in middle school, after an interschool game we went somewhere and had pineapple fritters. Though I have never had a corn fritter and so wasn't sure what the expect.

I detect breadcrumbs, herbs, salt and corn. The fritters themselves were a bit salty, and so I wasn't sure about pairing them with halloumi. Sure it was anything but bland, but perhaps use tofu instead for the textures. The poached eggs were perfect - I love eggs, and le beau's an expert at eggs anyway. The salsa and mini-mini salad was a nice contrast to deep fried fritters and cheese, though I would order a salad on the side for this dish. It wasn't oily but I felt it need more of a healthy eating balance. 

It was pleasant, tasty, a bit salty and filling. But I wouldn't order it again or recommend it - unless you love your savory fritters. Service was adequate though the water smells funny...

If you love coffee and brunching, you'll like this place once you manage to get a table, after lining up in the sun. :P Great for a weekday afternoon meeting over coffee, but I wouldn't come here if I had to line up. That and they don't have a cabinet of cakes. :P

I love all the lab equipment glassware!

Have you been to St Ali's? What did you think of the corn fritters?

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