Dumplin' Doughnuts @ Sunday, February 15, 2015

At the dentist... Nemo is that you?

Monday 2nd February

Today failed. I woke up at 9.50 when I suppose to be at work. One glance at the phone, my ego was struck and next thing I know it's 5pm! We got a few photos, made a smoothie and were off to class. 

If someone doesn't like you, can you ask why? Le beau - Definitely not! Because if they didn't like you before they sure don't now. Of course I ago ahead and ask anyway. Though I don't ask her :P Cause then she's ask why I think that - people always do that... Sushi chef said I'm very loud, and she's very quiet just like her husband. I'm loud by nature, though I suppose there are a lot of people who don't like us Americans. But while we're loud we're also very open, not so secretive and will tell you exactly what we think when asked. Morman (her husband, who probably isn't a morman, but sure looks like one) said she never said anything to him, and he's not aware that she doesn't like me. Yes guys are often clueless. Though I think the main thing is, if a girl likes you she'll talk to you. If not she'll avoid you, which is actually what she does. Only he hasn't noticed.  


Victorian Opera's The Art of Opera aka 2015 Season Preview Night

Opera Preview Night, with a goal to get (a subscriber) to bring your friends and family along. Sold! Tickets to Sweeney Todd, not cause they persuaded me to get them, but because Sweeney Todd is one of my 3 favourite musicals. The others are more light, fun and less sinister. :P Set in the early 1900s and 1950.

An event that ends at 7.30 can only be one thing - aimed at senior citizens! But it also means everyone's still open unlike after a 10pm show on a Tuesday. Tuesday's a great day to be out, there's less people than at the end of the week.

So much less that we got the last seat at Shanghai Street Dumpling! At peak hour there's lines around the corner for this place. We had the Chicken & Prawn XLBs, 8 pieces for $10.80, which was delicious as always, though we've only been here once before. Most of their dishes excluding the XLBs are >$10 and so we'd like to try a couple dishes before doing a full review.

Planning a sometimes food dessert meant we shall be walking there, and back to the station. For V'Day Krispy Kreme has heart shaped donuts with chocolate icing and heart sprinkles! And it's filling with chocolate cream cheese, which I love as much as custard! The very friendly girl serving us also gave us an extra original aka classic. :) And says that if you work at the store you can eat as many as you want :P but you'll get sick of it fast.

A Snowman! Someone's talented. 


Today was a long one that started at 8am, well sort of - but I did make it to the 10am meeting. We networked, spoke lots, so much that my jaw hurts. Had to talk to half the group (20?) and we had to be loud to be heard. Very loud. 

Lunch was catered by the asian cafe (there's three, the big, the expensive brunch place, and then the asian). In my three years here I have never eaten there, coffee is enough to show their shitty service (which through discussion is actually just me that gets shitty service, it's the accent isn't it?). We had noddles, which was fine, pizza which I didn't touch, and rice paper rolls which were good. But not as good as mothers'. The dipping sauce was more watery and there was no pb. Networking went well. Met a cool girl from Fiji who explained the magical properties of Fiji Water. 

Back to the city, as we just ate savory afternoon tea adventures was abandoned. Instead we went shopping and spent $30 at Lovisa, purchasing 9 headpieces, most to be recreated for my garden scene dish-of-a-headpiece. 

Home. First time online today, pictures of a lemon tart. We have no lemons atm so I didn't style as. And we're off to dancing, where we learnt new dances. Mrs Morman wasn't around tonight so Mr Morman was quite popular, though we did get one of the last dances with him :P Still a random cupcake-loving stranger I dance with, we're working on that part.


Did you know...

Today was an early start, yes I considering 1pm early, when you have to leave by 11.15am. We got our hair done, it cost more than usual. Had a wash & 1cm trim for $35. Failed to be assertive and ask why, when the listed prices haven't changed.

That's an interesting location, $$ average pizza.

Discovered a waffle place by Glenferrie Station that sells the same 
waffles as 'Waffle On' in Degraves, at the same price too I think.

Went back to the apartment to chill, it's so nice inside with almost no one there. Though we did talk to two people. :) KFC Krusher on special for $2 between 2-5pm, tastes just like cookies n' cream. We also had a potato cake...

For a very late lunch, after we spent 45mins taking the wrong tram and getting lost, we got to St Ali. To get there take tram no.12 going out of the city towards Crown, and no.12 only! Don't follow the instructions on the website!

My Mexican Cousin $22.50 #veg #gf
Secret recipe corn fritters w poached eggs, grilled halloumi,
tomato salsa, tomato relish & green salad

St Ali's known for their coffee and corn fritters, and today we had the later. Sorry I'm not a coffee person, le beau is but on a weekday like a normal person he's at work. It's just me.  


Phone Picture

The day started with froyo, vanilla was nice but chocolate had the distinctive taste of Stevia. Not so nice. The dentist hurt and we had 3 rounds of anesthesia, still it hurt. Three more rounds. :(

We love street performers!

One day we shall buy this.

Cute Cards!

We bought a couple that look like designer art on etsy, $10+ a prt.

Adding this to the list, we've been seen a sushi train.

An octopus has taken over the building!

Traffic was really bad and go buying sushi at Melb Central, and buying a ticket at the Arts Center took 2hrs. Three fully packed trams 10mins apart and we decided to walk.

Tonight event is dead stuffed animals. It was traumatic. I love bunnies. And hoodies made of out bunnies, especially white bunnies (but I love all bunnies) was not cool! Even though they were dead before they were stuffed, so it's not like they were handpicked and killed. A big group of dolls wore the hoodies and in their hand they held a pacemaker (fake heart) each, taken from a dead person who was cremated. That is disturbing, how did the artist get his hands on those? And if it's a part of you why weren't you cremated with it?

Other the other side the stuffed animals looks amazing, especially the skelton aquarium, all the birds/mini dinos and the fox. That is one amazing fox. We met Mark of Black Mark, who writes an art & culture blog, he did a write up on the event which I think is deeper than anything I have ever written...

Test Shot

How persistent am I? Well I sat at fed sq watching the sunset and the sky turn from blue to navy. It only took about an hour an and a half. Had to wait for the right lighting for these pictures. 

Bad Phone Picture


Today failed, the bus never came so we didn't make it to work. But we did organize my collection of papers and beauty products.

Had dinner with le beau, together we made sushi and store-made yuzu cheesecake, but only because yuzu is hard to get (his likes to cook, and does while I assist) :P. 

This week's movie is 'The Secret World of Arrietty' which was very good, as with most if not all Miyazaki Creations it takes you into a magical world, filled with not nessairliy magic, but characters full of life and an adventure you'll love. Oh and stunning scenes, of the garden and Arrietty's home. 

Like always the music is amazing, and I'm definitely getting the cd. Don't ever watch the English dub version first though, Jap sub is best. Do we really want a character called Shawn and a Jessica? We loved the film and highly recommend it, and best of all it's one of those films you could see over and over again. 


The day started early with a movie, featuring a kid with a strange accent and his chubby "mate". 'Paper Planes' is set in modern day, but it took me a while to get there, due to their mid-century furniture and because they live up north where all the grass is yellow and the people are buried in sand instead of soil at the graveyard. But there was an ipad and big tv, and so that bought it up to 2005 maybe? But at first I thought it was the 80s as the scene was a typical Australian portrayal.

To get to the movies we had to go outside. :P 

In the evening we went dancing, Sunday's are most crowded, and so we didn't dance with everyone including morman. Someone slipped and fell, hope she's ok. Found out her sister's the one who looks like a model that le beau danced with O.O they look nothing alike. The non-model sister looks like a normal person, one who prefers comfort over style, is intelligent (glasses help :P) and goes to Comic Con.

Something mrs morman said totally reminds me of this picture. XD 

Zumbo's packet mixes are 50% OFF this week, and so we got a raspberry pack that makes 15 for $4. If it works it'll be amazing, if not we did give it a 2nd go. :P

Excited about this week's food adventures!

Blogger electrocat said... on February 15, 2015 8:54 PM  

I love your sunset pictures!
I've tried making those macarons, they are a bit too sweet for my liking...i am yet to perfect them, i think hazelnut would be my favorite, with nutella...mmmm

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