SummerSalt Outdoor Arts Festival - Exxopolis @ Saturday, February 14, 2015

It looks like a jumping castle, but isn't instead it's like those worm holes at carnivals but cooler - literally if you sit next to an air hole. Pretty lights, tunnels and a chapel light room with bits inspired by stain-glass windows.

A fantastical world of colour and light.

Exxopolis is a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes, a monumental inflatable structure designed to generate a sense of wonder at the beauty of light and colour.

A giant inflatable structure often referred to as a ‘luminarium’. It was built in 2012 by UK-based designers Architects of Air – a company that launched in 1992 and has since ​toured all over the world with its i​nflatable structures.

Featuring luminous alcoves, winding corridors and soaring domes flooded with colour and light, the 10-metre-high Exxopolis is designed to awaken the senses and invoke a unique response from all who step inside. The giant structure – built using coloured PVC and inspired by Islamic, Archimedean and Gothic architecture – is comprised of several small rooms, as well as a main dome (the ‘cupola’). Inside Exxopolis, with the atmosphere constantly changing according to the weather and light outside, visitors can wander freely or simply lie back and enjoy the ambience of their surroundings.

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