Dairy Bell Ice Cream @ Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dairy Bell - Old Fashioned Sundae 

I've always been intrigued by this place, a place that makes the ice cream but also sells it direct from the factory. We used to drive by every Saturday on our way to sport, it's also very close to a train station. 

I love this size chart! It's quite retro too.

The Menu

We had the old fashion sundae to share ($8), three scoops very generous sized, it was more like six scoops! Vanilla, Tiramisi (my pick) and Choc Caramel (his pick).  Everything was average, the Vanilla was bad, they weren't creamy. It tastes like nothing I've ever had but lingers in the lower end of ice creams. I don't like it. It's cheap but doesn't hold a candle to any ice cream shop I've ever been to. It's cheap and tastes just so. Service as very good though.

On the wall there was a pricelist of take home tubs they sold, one flavour was called 'budget' the cheapest one they have. Wonder what that tastes like. Though I'd never try it myself. 

In case you love Dairy Bell, you can still find them in the future, but there's a price increase.

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Have you been to Dairy Bell?

Saturday 21st March

Today Jas was a no show. Surprised? No, not really.Le beau suggests it could be a psychological thing, were when you expect people to fail they do. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Though we established that we are not morning people and yet still plan morning events...

Instead I went with plan b, sad moment where I expected him to fail so had to get a back-up plan. We had the softest and most fluffy scones at 'The Stables' with jam in very cute Bonne Maman jars, and cream ($5). You can buy extra jam for $1.50 a pot. OMG it's so cute!

Yes I do get shy about taking pictures of people, this is the closest I'm going to get. 

Wedding Open Day, this time they had a strings quartet! Yes it's on our top 5 most important things list. Along with food, venue/deco. Overheard something about a min. 10k spend, not sure for what, but I'm guessing the caterer & venue have collaborated. 

We were going to check out Labassa but that didn't happen, instead we went for a walk in the gardens, and found the dying pond at the bottom of the garden. I've been to Como a few times and have never seen it before. 

On the way to the shops we stopped by Dairy Bell, which is closing down. For a reason!

We consumed too much, quantity over quality. Not feeling great...

Shopping was better, The Body Shop had 15% off, and so I went to get some lipstick (not that I needed it, it was just on sale) but instead went for a brow kitConveniently next door was Colette, and we got a few things on sale. Surprisingly I also came across a clutch I have already, that I have no memory of purchasing...  Mini Structured Envelope Clutch $20

I quite like this one with all the lips, would be great for a photo shoot, but other than that it holds nothing. Oh and the bags with wheels, I'm after a new bag, and would love the one on the left though have never seen it in-stores.

Dinner didn't happen *took tired to eat* as I took a nap and we were at a concert, The Damnation of Faust with the MSO. But I was awake for the entire second half. :P


8.30 train ain't going to happen. Not a morning person. We were going to go to a meeting, shopping and lunch. Instead we just went to Spotlight's Future Runway, where I spotted something I want to buy! This never happens. But it's a huge origami fan headpiece, and I love my headpieces. 

Pre-show we got our make-up retouched by Priceline, and got some showbags (the word "goodie" sounds wrong and funny at the same time to me). While I love them majority of the time I don't use most of the contents. Which this round included Dragon's Blood and Bee Venom. Yes these will come very handy when I need to summon a vision with my two sister witches. :P - Joke of the week! But seriously, where can one harvest dragon's blood? It must be a plant of some sort?

The Show

The Photographers' Gallery

Unique Ways to Use an Umbrella

I got a close-up of the lights! Aren't they lovely?

How do you feel on the runway? Me, I feel silly, naked/exposed and I feel my brain cells dying. Mean while CeeCee (who is a girl, yes I do have girls in my life, but just no close female friends) says it makes her feel powerful. Interesting.

Showbag from Spotlight

Some days styling is very challenging...

If you were after showbags, the tickets were $100+ and this what's in the bag.
Not my picture by the way.

And a few more pictures from instagram.

Did you go to any fashion shows this round?

Burger Boys @ Deja Vu Bar @ Sunday, March 29, 2015

It is a known fact that anything in miniature size is cute. Especially when it's food! In this case burgers, or rather sliders as they're known as. The origin of the term is unknown. White Castle trademarked the spelling variant "Slyder" and used it between 1985 and 2009, for their mini burgers. 

As a lover of history, there are many things that I see differently or might have different reason for like. When I picture a burger called a 'slider' I see a bar and a long bar table, and when your order's ready they read out your number and slide it across the table to you. The scene is an old tavern, perhaps The Poisoned Apple from Shrek, or something of that era. 

Just around the corner from Flagstaff Gardens is Dejavu Bar & Lounge, the bar is small in width but very long in length, much like those old fashioned houses near the city where they all share one roof. 

Burger Boys create burgers for the bar and offer a set of 3 sliders for $10 or $4 each. All beef no pork in patties, for those who don't eat the former. The sliders were great, though the cranberry was a bit flat. Need to ramp up the flavours (sugar) there. I love the classic and onion relish though. 

World Series - Mustard, Ketchup & Pickle
Larry David - Onion & Relish
Thanksgiving - Lettuce & Cranberry Mayo

During the day it's nice and quiet, the way I like it, though at night they're crawling with lawyers. Service was lovely, unlike all the fruit flies attacking me! I was indoors by the window and there were so many! So it was hard to take pictures. 

Being located near the courts, it's right up there with no trains on the weekend. Though it's just a short walk from Melbourne Central. If burgers are your thing then definitely check these out.

Do you prefer sliders or regular sized burgers? 
Any recommendations for miniature sized food?

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