I love all things wedding! Except the legal side, which le beau is handling. Though our wedding won't be a white one, as my dress is purple and I'm hoping to have the entire thing at night. Perhaps a masked ball? There'll be smoke, candelabras, organza curtains with fairy light behind it, and a Phantom of the Opera kinda setting, but more dark with red roses. Gothic Sleeping Beauty if we had to sum it up in three words. And so with this in mind we weren't particularly looking for inspiration, but rather vendors for quotes. Namely the cake and some deco.

Dessert Buffet - I love the idea of a dessert buffet, but it's not for us. The pro is that it looks awesome, and you'll get to try a wide range of things from cupcakes to custard tarts and things in jars. Though I heard the bride is so busy socializing she's too busy to eat, but I'm not very social... But for us the con far outweighs the pro in that it takes the spotlight away from the wedding cake. How often do you eat wedding cake? Anything in a dessert buffet you can buy anyday. Same reason we're going for a three tier wedding cake over a cupcake tower.

One Fine Day Wedding Fair Expo is set in the nicest of the three expo venues in Melbourne.

On arrival there was drinks from Beer Gypsies, all options were alcoholic, though I was offered a drink from a food vendor which was great (no not the tea, more that there was an alternative).

Native plants with mis-matched brunch warehouse style is very in. 
I forget what the style is called at the moment.

"The fair will be divided into sections including the Style Market, Ladies Dressing Room, Beauty Parlour and Man Land." They said there as going to a "Man Land" nope, unless you count two vintage cars, a stall or two with suits and a stand with bow ties. Themeing the event there failed, there were no signs to point to the different area, which is what I would have done. Though we saw no effort for a theme, other than that one line on the website.

I do like bright model floral mixes, but it's not what we're having at our wedding. 
Adding it to our list of things to have at a birthday party.

This picture is very inspiring for a white, pink, floral airy fairy wedding. I see daylight, soft florals, soft lighting, raindrops on roses, organza and a perhaps floral crowns and lots of baby's breathe.

Fred & Ginger Catering - Lemon Meringue, Duck Pate Cake-ish Thing, Kingfisher Salad

Hello Beautiful Dessert Buffet - I do love those jars and fudge.

All this was thrown out after the expo, real food but display only.

Nakid Cakes are nice though would it dry up? Fondant is deco only, it never tastes good unless you like playdough but harder and it tastes like pure sugar. Advantage of a nakid cake is it's much easier to cut. 

Wedding Favours - To add to our red apple with a sticker of some sort on it, le beau suggests a small jar homemade salted caramel. I'm cool with that, but he'll be the one making them all, I'll just do the labels. But would it subtract from the focus of the apple? We chose the apple for a reason.

Van Gogh Cakes - I've never seen a blackboard cake before! But we don't use them anymore, it's more of smart boards these days. That and le beau says there was a candy called fads, musk sticks? that reminded him of chalkboards. I do like that tree trunk cake though, if you were high school sweethearts who carved your initials on a tree, you could get a copy of that tree, but as a cake.

Gumtree Leaves - A vendor spray painted some of the leaves gold and the acorn bits too. It's a simple idea, but I quiet like it. Saving this idea for an Australian/Possum Magic themed party.

Big Letter Lights - We do like these, and are considering having our initials in lights. 

LED Candles - A great idea, especially for someone accident prone like me. :P

Bursaria - Inspiration for our night theme, sorta, ok no, but it looks nice. With this I see an outdoor small dinner party/wedding under the stars. Catered of course. Perhaps a checkerboard dance floor.

Candy Freebies

Some other freebies, not the red thing though, whoops wrong event.
Frank's scrub I've seen once or twice, interested in seeing how it goes. 

Did we get inspiration? No not really - but this is because we're going with a themed wedding. Gothic Sleeping Beauty, with a PoTO setting, think candelabras, smoke machines, curtains of lights, red roses. Oh and glitter, lots of that. 

We definitely want a photo booth, and I think tonight we found our gift register (Envelope Gift Registry). Instead of saying here's stuff I'd like you can get each guest to contribute to gas, cups of coffee, a trip to the theatre, anything you add to the list. Pretty awesome! The cost to you is none, though it'll cost each guest 9% (or 7% I forget), so say your someone is giving you $900, that'll cost them $90 in fees. I love the idea, but not so much cost, so I'd get my MOH (aka myself) to do that.

Part Two - Coming Up Soon

Including all the pretty wedding dresses!

Blogger Unknown said... on March 07, 2015 2:49 PM  

I've been a bit slack with the blog reading lately but is this a new thing? Have you just got engaged? I love the sound of your wedding plans. It's nice to do something a bit different.

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on March 08, 2015 2:45 AM  

I often just look at picture, especially on food/deco blogs :P

We got engaged in the summer of 2013, more as a casual thing, expression of interest. He's asking again when I finish my masters, and we're picked a date! 20/4/20

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