Bentos for Lunch at Wagaya @ Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We've been to Wayaga before which does Japanese food, though not had lunch here. I like going out for lunch, as I usually find many places with lunch specials, which is cheaper than dinner. That and there's less people around, and noise. 

One day we had the time for a long leisurely lunch at Wagaya, and chose to sit out on the balcony, over Chinatown. It was very warm that day, but in winter there's outdoor heaters (the silver thing on the wall) and they have blankets too. Also the balcony and downstairs is only open for lunch on weekdays. Weekends upstairs and down are both open. 

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Wagaya's lunch specials are fantastic! You pick a protein and carb. As in meat and then how you want it, say with noddles or a bento, and it's only $10. These days a mainly costs $12-15+. 

I let the waiter choose between teriyaki and kaarage chicken, hello beautiful deep fried chicken! With a bento box, as the carb option, because I love bentos! I can't imagine getting noddles when it's weighed up against a bento.  

It came with miso soup, hot and a bit too salty this time. The last two times were good though. Tofu, I hate the skin, but it's me it's like not liking a dish. There was strange shaving on top, which was a type of fish, I'll try new things but not when I don't know what it is. 

As expected the karrage chicken was perfect, especially served with mayo and salad. I like this salad. There aren't that many not fast food places that do lunch for $10 (with the exception of sushi) especially bentos with miso soup, so this is a fantastic deal. At night Wagaya is more expensive, so on a budget I'd save your visits for lunch. Will I be back? Yes, in a few week in hope of no tofu. 

One day I shall get around to doing a 'Ten $10 Lunches in Melbourne CBD' post and Wagaya shall be on it. That's going to be a while though will all projects launched and exams coming up.

Do you like to go out for lunch over dinner? Where's your favourite bento place?

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