Happy Easter 2015! @ Tuesday, April 07, 2015

When I was little we went to church every Sunday, and even when I moved here I recall doing Easter Service at school, though we don't go to church anymore, as when you grow up and go on a journey you have priorities and for me religion does not play a large role in my life, though I still feel like one day, perhaps prompted by an event, I will go to church again. For now we celebrate Easter through eating lots of chocolate, and attending an always amazing Easter Luncheon hosted by le beau's mother. This year we all wore white, while she wore a stunning green sequin dress. She has great style, and I kinda want to be like her one day. :P Apart from a lunch, movie and eating chocolate, we also went dancing a couple times. This is the chocolate we bought, on top of the chocolate le beau received from his class (which he bought over after I took all the photos).

We were going to make hot cross buns, which I have never made before, there are lots of things I have never done. He forgot the eggs and wasn't in the mood to bake. Also when I cook it costs more than just buying it, due to economies of scale and because all the recipes I pick don't use cheap ingredients.

This was gifted to me, before I took the pictures. :P

Kmart had a sale. It started at midnight, conveniently we were nearby - true story.

Spent a total of $30! Did anyone see Trilogy or Dream at Kmart this year?

Le beau's favourite.


I love this golden cage ball thing, from Phillip Island.

All the mini eggs!

What happens if we put them all in one basket? Someone grabs it and runs!
That's why it's now in a secret location where it blends in with the background. :P
Someone's on the hunt for them, and it's not us.

These are crazy popular, I had one once, I like it though am not obsessed.

Like that's going to stop me from buying a box. :P

Bunnies expire in August, Lindt in July and Cadbury in June.

Did you stock up? :P What's your favourite Easter pack?
Have you ever done an easter egg hunt? I have - online.

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