Saturday 11th April

Before you judge I'd like to say it was on sale. It was just $3! 

When I was little Barbies were $50 each and there was a fairytale princess theme happening, none of this rockstar princess one direction loving doll with a bieber of a Ken doll for "boyfriend". She's just his beard. 

It's the 50th Anniversary of the Barbie Doll, and Myer is relaunching the sale of the first doll.

Not only that, they're selling it for the original price of $3. 

While I was at work le beau was at the shops to buy me a Barbie Doll, he got there at 7am, while I was on my way. He was 8th, and I was 60th-ish by the time I got there. There was a mini stampede to get into line. Lines are good. In asia everyone just pushes, I may be little but I'm good at that. :P 

One guy pushed into the line and was rejected, security said they're not selling it to him, not the $3 one obviously, or the $35 pre-order. It's $50. His kid cried and he blamed security. Le beau says no, when you're an asshole and your actions lead to your kid crying it's your fault. 

It was one per person, le beau came in costume as he was on his way to Supernova :P lots of people wanted a few, for their mother in a nursing home XD nice try, or two-three for their granddaughter, I think that one's legit. No one would get up at 6am to buy a doll to sell on ebay, not limited edition, just limited cheap ones.

The dramatic cat eyes and arched eyebrows are very different from the modern dolls, she seems to have that mean "I'm better than you" look on her face. It would have been interesting if they did a different set each era, with make-up and hair to match that era. They sure are doing that with Ken's image and Barbie's Pop Princess thing.

I wished I had a castle with an entry like this, that glitter isn't photoshopped in.

There wasn't a sign saying not to touch. :P 

Cut-outs except the bridge, raised platforms, that lead into the wall. 

There's no secret door - we checked. 

While I can't remember if the tree trunk was real or not, but the green and lights is.

Is it just me or does this doll look like Taylor Swift? Except the round rather than heart shaped face. They have a Cinderella wig! Child sized I'm sure. It's expensive, cosplay expensive, too much for a quick dress-up for your kid.

I don't see making something like this too easy, but it's pretty cool.

These dolls are huge! Much like their eyes, that Sleeping Beauty is a bit scary.

Just in case your kid is goth you could always start the trend early with these. :P

More lego, le beau loves lego. 

There was a pre-booked lego event on, I'm not a morning person I just hadn't slept the night before, because I got up in the afternoon and work. And so even if I knew about the event we're not going. Activity tables to make a lego picture frame, someone didn't turn up so we got to make one. Thinking of doing a photo shoot with lego and us, me as the damsel in distress and him as my knight. Though we're still looking for a face for his character. 

Afterwards we went for a snack.

The miso soup which was a bit flat and average.

The black sesame soft serve which was ok, nutty and smooth in a cone on the train to Stale Land. I much prefer the green tea. I wouldn't get this again, I prefer the texture of Shyun's. 

I love playing cards! They might even feature at our wedding.

7.30pm Dinner with Sushi Chef at Shyun.

Sadly average miso $2.50.

I love bentos! And Shyun has pick your own protiens. I had the miso katsu which was absolutely delicious as always, and teriyaki tofu which had a gross strange gel-like film like on some fish, but more on the unnatural/added side. Later during the week I find out it's the tofu and the way they cooked it. So it's that dish I don't like. And this bento was only $12 with the two things I picked. While I love Shyun, I'm not getting tofu cooked that way again. 

Conversations over Dinner. Everyone has different ideas on life and relationships. Most of us (I'd hope) believe in being a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man. Perhaps like Miss Acc she can renovate her own bathroom and build a row boat. She doesn't need a man, she is complete on her own. She may want a man in her life though, but still has her own interested and activities. 

Sushi chef doesn't believe this, he's not saying I'm a werido for not believing I need a man. But he believes people were meant to be together, to complete and validate each other. O.o No... Everything was meant to be done together, everything including going out for dinner. I do not agree with this. Le beau & I do not live or work together, we, well, I eat alone most days at my desk using a spork. I often do things on my own. But I do love his company. I think that in a way sushi chef is waiting to meet someone to lean on, not in a man-child way, but to take him places and do things together. Meanwhile tonight I'm here typing this without le beau, as he's asleep. 

To be the third wheel to me means to me, that there's a group of three, and two people are together. They perhaps hold hands and refer to moments that they were apart of, unintentionally excluding the third person. Meanwhile sushi chef says it's when there's a group of x amount of people, all married, except one, himself and he is the wheel.

How was your Saturday?

Clearly picking the title for the post before finishing it was a bad idea. :P

Anonymous Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake said... on April 27, 2015 1:11 AM  

OMG that is so nostalgic. Haven't played with a barbie for so long!

Thanks for doing that research on the smoke gun for me. :P I'm going to get one!

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